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Guy Laroche Best Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection

The more packed senior of the Guy Laroche show Wednesday was a strong indication that the arrival of the American designer Adam Andrasick was the big news on the Paris fashion scene.

Guy Laroche Best Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection
Guy Laroche latest Fall Winter 2015women Collection at Paris Fashion Week-16


Andrasick, who works at Gucci and Proenza Schouler in the past, brought a sexy deconstructionist aesthetic at home. It was a combination that struggled throughout to harmonize in attractive sets. Panels of fabric, knitwear and fur were stratified in the skirts of fringe of asymmetric car wash or have been used in the form of strips of texture on fitted jackets. Spline designer dresses in the waves-coated knitted fabrics on the sides or Center money were better. But the addition of a decorative belt that was born just the front of these knits looked fussy.

There were also a number of pieces inspired by Peter Greenaway Pillow Book film, which translates on the grounds “BOLD” animal tattoo black and white strip, interspersed with calligraphy symbol gold. But instead of harnessing the power of this imagery, the prints appeared confused and unattractive.

It was really only at the end of the issuance of a series of black devour velvet embellished with plates of silver fabric that Andrasick began to find a beachhead. He was ensembles that had something of an angular look and point to one way possible for this designer.

Black certainly makes the collection, what with the addition of silver and gold metallic added assortments and contrasts of white, while it presents also some beautiful drawings in a beautiful Navy Blue combination. These include a sheath around particular high neck dress falling until the middle of the capture of calves from the attention, with its center of Navy and metallic silver flanks, shoulders and arms, appearing as if the Navy was painted randomly on a silver metal leaf. The pieces of leather mahogany color are also equally dark intriguing, somehow bringing vampires and hunting to mind, as well in the same context.

On trends, we are facing here, we fell for the black with the sterling silver belts, ultra tight leather pants, the deep V-necklines plunging, especially in metallic silver shirt checked in high leather pants size and accented with belt, while we find some prints seen here is particularly nice, including the sweet floral on white with a transparent block black and white stripes on one side of the jacket, as well as several slot idea that has turned many into pieces with taste tattered skirts. Of course, we love the unique slots to the top of the thighs as well, as would be dictated trends in 2015, while we are intrigued by the see through shirts that barely cover the bust below. Seems to be an inspiration of Chinese Astrology here as well since some of the clothes are wearing metal Chinese character prints in gold as well as sunburn and stars. It is certainly a good start for Adam Andrascik and we look forward to its future collections of Guy Laroche.

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