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Gul Ahmad Premium Summer Lawn Collection 2016 Vol 1

As all of you know that winter season has gone and summer spring summer season has approached so it is the high time to live and change your living style according to time and season. With the passage of time, the demands and the needs of the people have changed and they demand the best trendy and fashionable things for themselves. Especially the young girls and women take deep interest in the latest trend and fashion. So to fulfill the demands and the wishes of the customers, there are coming many fashion brands that are coming in market with their latest spring summer collection 2016 for women. Gul Ahmad is also one of those fashion brands that are always take care of the fashion demands of their customers.

Gul Ahmad Premium Summer Lawn Collection 2016 Vol 1
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In Pakistan fashion industry Gul Ahmad is a household name. With the latest styles, Gul Ahmad has got success to build its brand value year by year. Through its brand quality, customer loyalty and premium quality, Gul Ahmad has gained leadership both in domestic and international market. In nut shell one can say that Gul Ahmad has emerged to give a complete solution for fashion and home. It always offers seasonal and occasional dresses for the customers. The modernity and elegance can be seen in all of its seasonal and occasional collections. In this way all the collections offered by Gul Ahmad have taken away the hearts of women. The cloth fabric is always the fine and has better quality.

Recently Gul Ahmad has launched its latest summer collection named as “Gul Ahmad Premium Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2016”. This collection reveals the beautiful and classical prints. In the series this summer collection will be followed by 2 more volumes that will be released in summer season. This latest spring/summer collection will be released on 27th February 2016. This collection has been come in market. The designs which have been included in this collection are stylish and impressive not only in look but also in quality.

Though Gul Ahmad always offer such collections which have 3-pieces dress, 2-pieces and single shirts but this collection comprises of 3pieces suits. These dresses have been especially made for you to attend parties and functions of this spring summer season. On the shirts the designers have crafted artistic skill by showing beautiful patterns and prints. In this collection you will find both contrast and matching patterns on the back side of the shirts, on dupattas and on many trousers the same pattern has been crafted. To give the classy look to the dresses, the designers crafted flowery patterns with the geometric prints.

This collection is the fusion of modern and classic fashion. So in this collection you will find many such dresses which have full sleeves and long length shirts and also the knee length sleeveless shirts. As this collection has been made for formal wear, so the fancy embroidery has been done on the shirts. Around the neckline and on the bottom of the shirts, this embroidery has been done which look very luxury. There are also some a shirt on which bunches and laces have been adorned to make you more stunning in this spring season. While on the trousers Gul Ahmad has used buttons and matching embroidery. On the launching day of this collection, the prices will be announced. So keep visiting to have latest updates about this collection. Now I am going to share with you the images of this collection. I hope this collection will allure you in an excellent way. So have a look:

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