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Guerlain Ecrin 1 Couleur Eye shadow Collection

What do you get when you the luxury of Guerlain beauty and it playfully tried? Box long-lasting eye shadow 1 Couleur, a series of single eye color compressed, to provoke an elegant game mix and match.

Guerlain Ecrin 1 Couleur Eye shadow Collection
Guerlain Ecrin 1 Couleur Eyeshadow Swatches

For this latest introduction of Guerlain, a kaleidoscope of potential eyeshadow colors in an optimized collection of 12 absolute essentials goes back to basics, edit. There is something for everyone from barely there nudes, ultra-pigmented Brights, each with Guerlain is luxurious, finely ground formula that glides over lid like silk.

Aside of the beautiful colors and beautiful packaging (oh, and the shadow name – Brownie & Clyde, anyone?), the big box 1 Couleur difference is the use of Last ever technology, a process for coating the color pigments in a fine gel case. Guerlain eye shadow makes so fucking silky; Their eye color not in folds to settle or blotchy look, it is only highly vibrant, color true and long-lasting.

Forget your half used eyeshadow palettes – it is taking time and mix your optimum colors…

  • taupe secret of a slinky slip of a color, is what neutral eye dreams are made this silvery taupe. If you are unsure that is eye shadow shade offers a touch of brightness and its delicate shimmering texture is very flattering, no matter what age.
  •  Brownie & Clyde the perfect crease shade, this satin matte Mid Brown is buttery soft and really easy to mix, optimal control for sharp results. It’s not have texture and neutral tone also makes it ideal for eyebrows.
  • Pigmentation is the name of the game for this velvety matte midnight 03 blue brothers. Apply and for a modern take undone on eye, smoky, buff or dampen your brush and draw your eyes with the bottomless blue tone.
  • Hey naked because everyone needs a good eye brightener. This rosy peach is an ideal base, medium skin tones shade for fair, provides the perfect Foundation for other Eye shadows.
  •  Copperfield of my favorite shade of all! This versatile pop makes metallic copper blue eyes, and adds these beautiful deep brown eyes. Apply for a thwarted effect, making absolutely magnetic look subdued eye.
  •  golden eyes, whether you be underestimated a declaration or a little more like metallic eye, this beautiful, shimmering gold rod is the box. In a pure plane for a delicate shimmering effect apply or overlap it for a more intense metallic look.
  •  khaki Mono of this beautiful khaki is an essential, rich pigmentation and luster offers for those who look to their eyes, be nervous, yet portable and versatile. I have this shadow for a new twist on my usual black Tight lining.
  •  Charles Light shades of grey are grey hard to come across, and it’s still harder to find, is the glossy and not calcareous. These more quirkily named shadow is perhaps one of the best I have the and looks nice on the lid as a simple wash color worn.
  •  Flash black, everyone needs a good black eyeshadow. This is especially deep, color true, wear long and luxurious. It is a must-have.
  • Another is white per this ultra-have so how can be fresh and great on the inner corners of the eye, on the forehead bone and sees to other shades. Top tip from beauty-team member, Ceryn: use sparingly as a highlighter on cheekbones.
  • Have you ever seen a more beautiful color?
  •  deep purple? This electrified the Royal purple shadow is not wishy-washy, dressing, eyes with rich colors and a pantry-soft satin texture.
  •  pink Pong the definition a pretty Ballet pink. Pink Pong your Classic twin-set and pearls eye color with its elegant shade and timeless Pearlescent finish.Guerlain box 1 Couleur in khaki Mono of grey Charles, 07, 08, 09 Flash Black 10 white always, Pong, 11 deep purple & pink 12

Shade to complement your perfect, carefree wink Guerlain presented also a new mascara innovation: Guerlain Maxi lash so volume. This new formula involves your eyelashes for a maximum effect with a new elastomer brush that really enhances the drama of your whip look of the building, the strength and intensity.

Guerlain Ecrin 1 Couleur Eye shadow Collection
Guerlain Ecrin 1 Couleur Eyeshadow Swatches -1

This mascara is perfect for those who reacted like me, short, sparse and not have eyelashes. His high-tech polymers, oils, and waxes working from the root to the tip, sculpting and curling lashes to wide awake effects and that is only in two short skirts.And because it’s a Guerlain’s mascara, you know that the effect lasts all day without flaking or blur. Pair with a touch of bright and precious light to hide under the eyes, and’re good to go.

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