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Givenchy Teint Couture Balm, Foundation, Concealer Collection for Fall 2015

It is with good reason, that Givenchy Givenchy complexion Couture Balsam as “the naked skin Foundation your dreams” in Bill has provided. It is stellar. Mainly due to the ‘blur’-aspect, that gives a nice skin to finish. Old fashioned ‘blur’ – don’t all silicone and guilt – this time in a more complex structure, in the Foundation only such ‘ let built has instead of one through extinction. I do not necessarily agree that it is a “bare skin” look, because I cover sits in the medium instead of light spectrum and to me, it is more a ‘ done ‘ look rather than a no makeup look of the skin.

Givenchy Teint Couture Balm, Foundation, Concealer Collection for Fall 2015
Givenchy Teint Couture Balm, Foundation, Concealer-1

I have two shades of both ends of the spectrum, neither which are a natural fit, but also by mixing together I could do a very good match – enough anyway to it to a wear test. The goal is, so there is a non-greasy looking sheen on the skin, something I love is what, quite Lumious and feels so a little ‘tepid’. In terms of wear and tear, it feels not “barely there” – but I don’t think that matters, because it looks for all compensated – the fact also, that’s a bit of a transfer problem.

If you get to a good game of shadows, Givenchy Couture balm complexion is one of the most beautiful and the most flattering bases I have encountered for some time. Given the fact that it starts in September (£29), the timing for the additional luminosity is, that skin come fall and winter long. I will definitely Chase my exact match, when it hits the shops.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling spendy, Givenchy make up must haves range, which was an exclusive World Duty Free is Essentials miniature set (£34) now on the Escentuals (here) for £39, together with the eye here, but both have 20% off.

I can only tell you, there are 15 of this amounts – they so quickly, so if you go, do it now sold out!

Finally, as a bit like a shovel, you hang a couple of weeks (October), for the pretty Givenchy dahlia divin Le fragrance with a music box shaped like a spool of red thread, which composed a melody by Alicia Keys plays Parfum de musique – dahlia divin.

The funny thing about Givenchy is that’s actually a very imaginative and creative brand it not only seems to get exposure, who should have it (although the Givenchy BBB box sold so quickly). You are more adventurous, try new things and creating limited editions in all markets and seems however in slip behind other premium brands such as Dior. I wonder ‘sophisticated’, which is not enough to show through the fun page, if maybe she caught with beings so – premium is a changing market these days and if you are claiming with brands such as use and urban decay that have quality, fun and adventure locked down (and not too much of a price difference), I feel that Givenchy needs a better chance to shine.

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