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Givenchy Flower Makeup Collection For Fall 2015

We are pleased to announce you about the release of one of the most inspiring makeup collections for autumn 2015. We are talking about the new Givenchy flower collection autumn 2015! The designation comes this time with fantasy line which contains make-up set six Givenchy eye shadow, mascara and liquid liner. The label will lead us to the limited edition of Givenchy Le Rouge set, contains also two lipstick colors, and comes from those super sweet cases with a floral pattern. That’s not all! Givenchy also new Givenchy prisme Libre, which is a high-quality powder that eye, comes in a cute case together with TheGivenchy prisme Quartet to a combination of alluring colors seems to be presented.

Givenchy Flower Makeup Collection For Fall 2015
Givenchy Flower Collection Fall 2015

Givenchy Flower Collection Autumn 2015

OK, not to mention about the new Givenchy Eau de toilette flower Edition as well as a part of the new Givenchy flower collection autumn 2015 noted, that the scent a little bit later together with body lotion by Givenchy flower Edition is available (200 ml / 6.7 Fl Oz). Speaking of, we don’t mention perfume how beautiful we find the design of the bottle and the package. As you might suspect from the name of the new line was developed the package with flower motifs in adorable pink and pink colors. Also, what was a stolen cute bow with the same characteristic flower print our attention at first glance. A unique and very cute way to beautify design of the perfume!

Now we take a look at any beauty product separately.

Givenchy makeup set

Your natural beauty is this ISA set of 6 amazing eyeshadow colors along with mascara and a liquid liner for a perfect make-up look to beautify this fall.

Givenchy Le Rouge set limited edition

A nice set of two lipsticks designed one with flower motifs and another in a classic black pipe. By the way, both of the same color are 202 rose dressing – hot pink. So you must select only, that you like the best Hat!

Full coverage powder Givenchy prisme Libre (limited edition)

Create a great formula that offers full coverage without an overlay effect! Exactly what we Seeiking for are!

Eyeshadow Pack Givenchy prisme eye Quartet

Four alluring shade inspiring tones like smoky blue, grey, gold and pale pink! Perfect look for a night.

New fragrance from Givenchy Eau de toilette flower Edition & Givenchy flower Edition body lotion

We expect to experience euphoric feeling through the magical scents of these two products. As of now, we can say that their views seem to be very promising!

The last, but not least we want to add, that the new Givenchy flower collection autumn 2015 officially will be launched by July 2015 stay you patiently mean love fashionistas!

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