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Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun Collection for Summer 2015

Every summer that Armani wants to emphasize a beautiful complexion a radiant health tanned looking skin. Collection Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun was 2015 this year draws its inspiration from the light of the Mediterranean sun that helps the skin a warm light. The expert for the complexion perfect present two new colors for Maestro was liquid, really a must – have summer and five new shades for pure liquid. Subtle iridescent, very delicate with transparent colors and textures for an invisible makeup and light-up effect. Maestro was liquid has a formula of light, ultra light, a complexion Perfector which provides for the merger of the Sun and the skin. Five oils emulsion immediately brings the complexion to the beam. For a custom was liquid look Maestro is available in two new colors to give a natural to any skin tone glow.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun Collection for Summer 2015
Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun best spring Summer 2015 makeup Collection

Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun Collection for Summer 2015

Liquid Maestro was bronzing powder – €61,00 / £39.50

For the new Sun Maestro collection, Giorgio Armani beauty is inspired by the light of the Sun of the Mediterranean, to warm up and strengthen the skin. Was liquid Maestro, impregnated micro walleye-beads, leaves a veil of sunlight on the skin, creating a healthy complexion that is bursting with freshness imperceptibly. For skin that looks as if it is freshly back from vacation.


90 (new colour)

100 (permanent)

110 (new colour)

Fabric Sun powder bronzer-50, €00 / £50.00

Inspired by the luxurious fabrics created each season by Giorgio Armani, Maestro Mediterranea powder compact boast pure shades sunny with fabric Sun bronzing powder. Its texture is draped in “sunray pleats” with effects beads style after the play of light on water, which helps to create a glow effect on the skin.


Pantelleria 100

Amber 200

Heat 400

500 mania

Pure fluid highlighter – €49,00 / £36.50








UK launch date – now online

International launch – date April 2015

Launch US – date April 2015 at Nordstrom

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