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Giorgio Armani Eclipse 2015 Makeup Collection

Makeup is a best friend of the woman with the ability to a tired, haggard look magical in a new, almost ready to transform the appearance of the world to conquer. New it really is a fantastic tool in spite of your image and your personality, what has the sky is really, you were done, you was born. Makeup has the ability, personalities, convert, because acting is rather restricted, if the score is simple and courageous on the warmer side as the use of color around the eyes and cheekbones. The latter strength and willpower only serves a woman, may not always good for the task to increase.

Giorgio Armani Eclipse 2015 Makeup Collection
Giorgio Armani Eclipse Makeup Collection for Summer

Giorgio Armani Eclipse makeup collection for summer 2015 Giorgio Armani presents its latest summer collection topics Eclipse, with breathtaking array shimmering metallic shades with creamy textures. Eclipse can easily warm take summer nights on cold autumn days since the collection features intense color harmonies, which can really to intensify your makeup game. Shops mid-June check Avavaible below for more details.

The make-up collection by Giorgio Armani Eclipse summer 2015 presents some colors, would be the brittle as a vibrant fashion house expected more. Pretty intense summer look that dance for the evenings specify on a metallic shimmering creamy with vibrant colors in combination versions of the textures the legs more or is less suitable. The Eclipse collection is exactly caused; a solar eclipse on the eyes.

Giorgio Armani Eclipse 2015 Makeup Collection
Giorgio Armani Eclipse Makeup Collection for Summer-1

Armani Eclipse Palette

Eye & Brow Maestro

No.10 Mahogany (New)

No.11 Ash Blond (New)

Armani Eye Tint

No. 02 Midnight

No.13 Zenith (Limited Edition)

No.14 Sunrise (Limited Edition)

No.15 Sunset (Limited Edition)

Eyes to Kill Liner

No.07 Zenith (New) (Limited Edition)

No.08 Sunset (New) (Limited Edition)

No.09 Boreale (New) (Limited Edition)

No.10 Minuit (New) (Limited Edition)

Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara

No.02 Navy Blue (New) (Limited Edition)

Armani Nail Lacquer

No.403 Rouge Eclipse (New)

No.605 Mauve Eclipse (New)

No.707 Bleu d’Armani (New)


International Launch Date – mid June 2015 in the stores

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