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Giamba Resort Collection 2016

Giambattista Vallis Gani collection does come on his first birthday, and the differences between him and his 10-year-old main line in the Center. Think of it this way: if GM is for the Gala, then Gani’s for the after party. “It’s pretty and at the same time, there is some kind of angry about it, which I like,” said Valli, an allusion both the 90s years pictures by Corinne Day and the British pop star FKA branches.

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Giamba is celebrating its first year with a pretty, youthful cruise collection-12

Come November, when resort clothes start arriving in stores, customers can printed jeans in thin and flared styles, animal-print will pick up customized t-Shirts and Sweatshirt-tunics and even Holey Jeans Cutoffs with the Gani tag inside. With as much as something already out there for high and low prices of Valli interpretations no choice but to err on the side of banal. The collection was much more convincing if it cut closer to his intimate, feminine signatures: the florals, Ruffles, little party frocks. Short dresses with smiling lips printed Ladybug border, had be but rather strange and another small number in a cherry Jacquard silk fringe trimmed was provocative in exactly the right proportions.

When we describe what 2 lines each of the designer are meant, because we would say the most important is perfect while Gambia for the after-party for the Gala,. We would say that the latter is best for morning if if you have brunch with this beautiful new friends on the eve of the meet. The resort collection is to give customers, a good choice to come if them to camp until November in the Park start: printed jeans in thin and flared styles are so totally super t-Shirts cut off and Sweatshirt-tunics and a female meets evil gal style see in animal prints, we are so very fond. We find beautiful little dresses, some silhouettes defined in classical elbow while others in less slinkier.

These different inspirations were together in a demanding list, where simple silhouettes with exquisite decorations and opulent textures have been enriched, mixed – many in a garden motif, although also Chiuri and Piccioli more geometric motifs, such as the Navajo-inspired embroideries of a tulle dress with beaded fringe trimmed introduced. The peculiar mood of the music festival emerged, such as in a fun, youthful suede Bralet with matching shorts, decorated with flowers and micro rivets. Delicate and feminine floral patterns were used on a Crêpe de chine shirt and Pajama pants with a luxurious inlaid worn mink fur. Everything was infused with an eccentric, hyper decorative touch that reaches its climax in a sumptuous tulle and chiffon Maxi dress with an abundance of embroidery, fabric inlaid detail and beads.

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