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Ghagra Choli Dress Design Collection 2016 for Indian & Pakistani Women

In Southeren part of Asiana especially in Pakistan and India fashion and trend has its unique form. In our various dress styles and traditions our eccentric and distinctive culture is depicted. When we talk about traditional dresses we are not just talking about styles and designs but also about our long lasted customs and traditions and the assests of our region. Ghagra choli is also known as the essential part of eastern dresses specially for the most important functions like wedding, mehndi,etc.

Ghagra Choli Dress Design Collection 2016 for Indian & Pakistani Women
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Though Ghagra choli has its creation from India but now it is popular equally among the women of many eastern countries. There are a lot of women who love to wear ghagra choli on various occasions. As ghagra choli dress gives you an alluring outlook with smart and gorgeous cholis paired with heavy ghagra. In various fabrics, hues and cuts ,you can get these gharara choli dresses in different  styles and forms.

The selection of blouse is very important as a beautiful blouse complements the beauty of your ghagra. So my dear ladies the best selection of blouse can be messy to increase the grace of your ghagra choli dress. Now I am going to tell you very important things about styles and forms of various ghagra choli dresses. The color schemes which have been used for these ghagra  are very appealing and beautiful.

Blouses Having Embroidery Work:

Such types of blouses which have embroidery look fabulous with plain gharara. Your gharara dress gets a peculiar spark when there is intricate work of embroidery, threadwork or cutwork over the sides of the sleeves or around the neck of the blouse. Use of floral motifs also has been done on the whole fabric of the blouse and such type of ghagra  has been seen in fashion designing.

Blouses With Jacket Style:

These days jacket style dresses are in fashion so you can also see such ghagra choli dresses which have jacket style blouses. With ban collars or with high necks these jackets are kept small. The fabric which has been used for these jackets is mostly chiffon or net.

Plain Blouses:

You need to have a simple blouse in soft and plain hues if your ghagra is heavy with the beautiful and intricate embroidery work. You will look more elegant and glaring if you embellished it with laces around Damman or around the neck.

Printed Blouses:

You can select printed blouses in beautiful contrasting hues if you are going to attend less formal or more casual occasion. There are many women of upper ages who love to wear printed blouses for special occasions as they know very well that printed shirts give them the beauty with no substantial decoration.

Long Blouses:

As you know being a Muslim, our Pakistani women do not like to wear short blouses, so the trend of long blouses with ghagra is more common and prevalent in our country. So by wearing long blouses with ghagra you look decent and fabulous.

Ombre Blouses:

Ombre blouses look very beautiful as in all their styles, sizes and in all beautiful funky shades they look refreshing and ravishing.

Latest Ghagra Choli Designs for Pakistani Women:

Now I am going to share with you the best collection of gharara choli dresses by different fashion designers of Pakistan. Some of these dress designs are custom made. For various functions like walima, wedding, barat, walima and for many other events these gharara choli dresses are best. In Pakistan full blouse ghararas are liked and loved by women of Pakistan.

Indian Ghagra Choli Dress Designs:

We also have presented gharara choli dresses of Indian fashion designers. These gharara dresses are best to wear holi, mehndi functions, dewali and at weddings. I assure you that you love all these dress designs for you.

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