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Funny Selfie Background Reflection Fails Photos

It goes without saying that if you are going to take a selfie, you should know about your surroundings. But people, however, often care more about their image than about what is happening around them.

This can lead to very awkward moments that will live on the Internet forever. Let this be a warning – if you are not a vampire, reflections will always exist.

Nothing says sexually, like a whole bunch of dog poop on the floor.

An amazing number of paintings were spoiled by random poop or two, but not many were spoiled by random urine. It’s so egregious that we’re not even going to focus on an empty ramen cup … IN THE BEDROOM. Man, people, of course, are weird when they try to be sexy.

Wait until you receive a shipment of this next.

She can communicate, although this one continues to go and go and go …

At least it seems that this was done on purpose. Of course, this is an optical illusion, but in such a situation, most people simply prefer privacy rather than cool and smart photo frame methods.

Although she seems pleased with the result!. Check out the list of fun selfies below – hopefully not one of yours!

Oh no!

I can see the best selfie of man, child and dog this month, but I doubt it.

Probably the best photobomb of all time

Selfie Background Fail

Some friends took a picture, and then realized that people in the background are hammering a child with a gun.

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