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Funny Awkward Airport Security Checking Moment

It’s always inconvenient for me to make long flights, but now I’m more worried about passing a security check as a whole without accidental selection for additional screening!

Today we have photos with flyers that face really awkward security checks.

Security Checking

For some reason, when they do it in a weird, sterile, professional way, it seems just as bad.

But there is also no doubt that most airports have enhanced security measures that are very intrusive, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. And, unfortunately, nothing can be done, as you will see in these pictures, but sit and deal with it. Or bring a coach.

Insanely Awkward Moments of security at the airport

This is the face you make when a stranger touches you in a very awkward place.

“I can’t speculate, sir. You should see a doctor. ”

At least TSA officials are trying to make the flight safer for all of us. This is another story about whether they succeeded or not.

We all know that this comes from the touch of a stranger.

Awkward gatherings that show why airport security is the worst job.

These are the most crazy things Airport Security has found

Funny Celebrity Moments at the airport

Airport security service, which takes its work very seriously. Here she makes sure that Kim Kardashian does not hide anything. Mrs. Security must have a gap as deep as Kim could hide a kilogram of cocaine there.

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