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Fun Parents with a Sense of Humor

Have you ever looked at things in the refrigerator just to laugh at your family? Do you have the courage to make a flawless winged eyeliner on a bearded face? Did you imagine how hard it was to worry about your daughter after learning about her tattoo? Can you, like a queen, pout to tell your daughter that you can do it right too?If not, then you seriously need to see the interesting side of parenting. Be sure guys! Education is not only about responsibility and discipline, it is just the dark side of the picture; As soon as you go through the stage of having a baby, you will find that raising children can be quite funny, especially if you have a sense of humor similar to the ones listed in our post.

Popular culture will have us suppose that parents are these monotonous, apathetic human beings who have abandoned and sacrificed all feeling of humor and compassion for parenthood. That’s not really true. Have you ever heard of father’s jokes? Actually they’re funny enough to send you into a flurry of giggles Scroll on and begin laughing meters as we bet these pictures will make you laugh noisy. Experience peeps!

Dad feigns ignorance

A girl who has been constantly plaguing her dad for a while finally exasperated, “You haven’t listened to a phrase that I said you have?” So the father replies, “What a weird way to begin a discussion with me.”

So my parents had a beach holiday with their dog and sent me this picture

Starting to develop the feeling of humor of a child is never too early. The smiles and laughs of babies are so enjoyable that we often do so intuitively smiling, blowing raspberries, or tickling them many times a day just to hear a laugh.

Make humor a part of your daily interactions with your children and promote them to share funny observations or responses, even if you’re around other adults.

Friend Went and posted this pic to Disney World. His parents answered

Humor is above all social. That’s why you laugh harder when you see a funny film in the theater with other individuals laughing around you than on your couch alone.

My sister and her friends challenged their fathers, and the result is here

My apartment for two days has lost power. To my father, and minutes later, I gave a text: “They are on the case!”

My parents just sent me this. I think it’s the handiwork of my father

She Wanted An Ipad

My youngest brother had a new phone and had a selfie. My father and brother, and I liked it

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