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First Victoria’s Secret Costumes Revealed In Fashion Show 2015

We are only two weeks away from 2015 Victoria’s secret fashion show, and by the looks of it, it will be a night to remember.

First Victoria’s Secret Costumes Revealed In Fashion Show 2015
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Look At The ‘Ice Angels’ Costume-9

With 10 new Angel is walking the show and performances by Rihanna, Selena Gomez and the Weeknd of the lingerie giant 20th anniversary will map of neither one his best nor set. Add in this first look at one of this year’s costumes and it is safe to say that we can barely handle our enthusiasm.

The ornate costume consists of a sheer crystal-encrusted Bodysuit, with a deep plunge to show a white bra. Decorated white stiletto knee high boots with white fur and wings complete snow flake-style the magnificent ensemble.

We have known all the details about the show, but now we get a closer look at what to expect. The portrait of an Angel is the first costume concept published and if the rest who sees everything as in this case, we know that we are in a treatment. The look is all glitz and Glam, the Victoria’s secret should have outstanding costume come with peacock feathers adorned and jagged crystals and finished with a Choker necklace, create a sultry, provocative ensemble for the daring woman looking for that extra level of drama.

Hear only what is made the ensemble is music to our ears and we are sure that the result will look, elegant and Luxe as it sweeps down the start and airstrip on one of the new VS angels. And if the piece of clothing hits the catwalk, I am sure that we will be able to see its allure for the month of October or other times of the year, for that matter.

This costume is not for the faint of heart or brittle, because his range is what costume you’d expect from a lingerie line. But it is a costume for the risque Halloween party with your girlfriends, or even for a night the first place you should turn, if you’re looking for at home to spice up something in the bedroom.

The remaining costumes will be revealed in the course of the next week, and we have to wait and see what other designs, the lingerie brand comes with. Each outfit show acts as a springboard and perhaps to alleviate the slow unveiling of the voltage to see how she created and on the angels. There is significant runway before the show got two weeks, and we expect to come, when they hit catwalk with anticipation for these costumes to life.

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