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Fendi Fall 2015 Couture Collection

The Théâtre of des Champs-Élysées, where Karl Lagerfeld haute his first Fourrure collection for Fendi tonight showed, has a special meaning for him. It was, where Igor Stravinsky-Rite premiered in 1913 caused it’s one of the biggest scandals in the theatrical history of spring. A similar riot could have expected this evening by the fur lobby, but security PETA kept in check. However, there was a surreal quality even without their provocative presence the extravagance of the catwalk display.

Fendi Fall 2015 Couture Collection
Fendi Couture FallWinter 2015-2016 Collection for women-19

It has a huge boost by the scenery, a huge license image of one of the most famous paintings by Giorgio de Chirico. The building, which he had presented it, would have Fendi New Roman headquarters. The connections between the past, present and future such a picture seemed much attached, a show that 50 year design Lagerfeld for Fendi celebrated. He is so averse to anniversary, it was he wanted to acknowledge, hardly a milestone, but the collection, which he offered could not help, a summation of all his fur has been during his tenure by the women’s mink coat, a technical masterpiece, the fur to one more stuff into a designer repertoire. Without detailed instructions it was impossible to nail for everything what we looked at. Chinchilla, Sable and mink seemed fur compared to the exclusive compositions those past overalls of gold and silver gleamed daydream about Moon age polloi like the very Hoi.

Cape by Julia nobis on the end which worn like show, springs, the services in a skirt were silver-tipped, which set the spirit for a cross species category search. But Fendi is necessarily an irrefutable revealed that nothing as it seems, so conjecture was pointless. And when, who plays Karl as a master of illusion, then colored him fully satisfied.

The Fendi Couture autumn 2015 collection was positively addictive! Represented from before when it comes to the world of fashion, Lagerfeld spirit outside pay none on the anti-fur protests, instead the participants on a journey taking relatively high class a Crown which she astonished too costly, inventive leave would fur designs, a treasure trove of furs for every imaginable taste and personality. All were meant for the very rich women, and young was the hall full of them. Silver Sable was incredible show, the models in a timeless, elegant element drips elegance that took every step. Then, patterned pants in mink, which BOA, the more ladylike Princess coats from spotted Bobcat and really fat but artistic figures of the furry and second hand shaven mink for their creations took black and white tendencies in the world were accented with a rather extravagant design came the racier parts with narrow shaft.

Pink and white mink appears, while the professional woman in a short Sable suit is dressed. Decorations of metallized Swakara, vinyl and Crystal make their own appearance, in addition to the selling and white feathers that make women soar like an eagle, at least in graphic terms. We do well with feather-light touch or the hooded Sable at the beginning with its large flower clasp at the neck.

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