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Etro Resort Collection 2016

A feeling of modern lightness of the ETRO resort collection was fresh, summery prints and relaxed silhouettes.

“The House-brand admixed to the colorful and cheerful patterns of Matisse: the paisley design,” said the brand creative Director Veronica Etro, flamboyant developed a number of motifs from graphics.

Patterns contain a large floral print, the fat little liquid double Crêpe de chine trousers added. These were combined with a casual viscose and cotton intarsia sweater or blouse ruffled with a striking, and a mink fur jacket with marabou details.Etro Resort Collection 2016

ETRO also infused an arty atmosphere in a Crêpe de chine two-piece dress with slip style sewn with a T-shirt, while silk Georgette top with sophisticated embroidery on the sleeves with a Crêpe de chine-Maxiskirt for a boho-chic effect surpassed a collarless.

ETRO resort 2016 contains large floral patterns, prints, a hint of grease on the representation, in particular for the fabric, one liquid is double Crêpe de chine for the pants. We see casual pair viscose and cotton sweaters and oversized ruffled blouses. There is a mink fur intarsia jacket with marabou details on it. The entire collection is very artsy and reminds us to some art history important for class and perhaps also to their vacation in Italy, studying the Florentine artistic world champion would wear. There is even a Crêpe de chine artistically decorated – two piece dress that is a slip style piece of clothing sewn with it on a T-shirt; We see also a rather beautiful collarless silk Georgette top, which a good amount of intricate embroidery on the sleeves, matched up with a beautiful Crêpe de chine-Maxi skirt to the boho-chic effect perfectly covers.

Bright colors rock in this collection, the peaches and magenta, blue and orange, red and yellow tones, interesting includes splashes of black & white, in addition to the purple and tanzanite, the Green and the kunzite. The bold use of the prints is certainly enjoyed while we are pleased to see that the simpler ankle pants paired with a white blouse cut. It is a beautiful fashion line and we can’t wait, our holiday suitcases of a few of these pieces, which slowly but surely fills our travel on cruises as we and look at the beautiful Caribbean or Mediterranean resorts.

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