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Estee Lauder Little Black Double Ended Liner for Fall 2015

I don’t know if I tip so became obsessed with passenger ships with felt, but it is not enough to say that the fascination to end any time soon. A smooth black about the lid can immediately vamp up your look, add a vintage twist or add a fat lip – there are so many ways to wear trend, is no surprise, that the blogging world with the power of a great liner is obsessed. Got my attention with the launch of Little Black Primer (a brilliant topcoat, which helps build fluttering eyelashes for a powerful and yet still understated – read my review here) have captured Estée Lauder now me fall head over with the launch of the complementary little black liner. This tool double-ended features and extremely fine tip, as well as innovative double wide end, which together a variety of looks can create.

Estee Lauder Little Black Double Ended Liner for Fall 2015
Estee Lauder new and latest Little Black Liner for Fall 2015

The super-rich pigment is so easy to use, to create that does not budge over the eye of an incredibly thick line. Many other trash bags fall flat when it simply to the creation of the wing, as they are not pigmented enough to create a strong position, but the small black liner makes it super easy. Both ends offer three different results, which means, you can achieve every imaginable look with just a small pen: ultra-fine (the slender tip defined eyes glide on precision) thin (use the flat finger tip to a classic line create) and thick (turn the flat wedge tip on his page for thickness, full-on drama)

The super fine tip is the precise while I have ever witnessed, innovative ‘container’ edge of the round can be tilted to perfect your look, without getting into chaos. It is not particualrly technical and requires very little explanation, but is essentially this blooming brilliant. Although the price from £22.00 can make wines, the double-ended feature ensures that always twice and twice as much use over regular pen – a little detour in the Justfying goes as a treat. If you have ever fought, creating the classic winged liner representation this gadget might what you looking for. the simple operation adds effortless result, the ones that make it.

Estee Lauder Little Black liner with double ended is now available, price £22.00.

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