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Essie Neon 2015 Collection for Summer

There was a nice insight into the version took Essie summer 2015 neon nail polish collection back in February, where it was revealed that there were 12 new colors come out, a tidbit of information that doesn’t give us any questions about the upcoming collection such as Essie had a tendency to us more than six new colors every time. It had been exactly the launch would be, not explained, so we are very happy, there appear now to see if we have some information about which the shades to have been. We are not disappointed, other than for see that in this collection are in fact only 6, certainly we who can say, are like the Colosrs to optimize a perfect match with the summer.

Essie Neon 2015 Collection for Summer

Get a sunny manicure with the Essie neon-2015-collection, to put the stores at the end of may! Here is a quick look at all six fun colors in the Essie 2015 neon collection including swatches, bottle shots and the official press release.

Vivid Vibes (yellow-green) and Groove is in the heart (peachy pink) the lightest shades in the summer for me are, so they cry out the best.

However the other colors are not you, while neon, even beautiful colors in their own right.

I can see how to mix and match as many of these colors. Need inspiration for nail art? Scroll further down in this post and you’ll see that I’ve added photos of some Essie designs ranging from a tribal nail look up to a simple ombre.

While the Greens are my favorite (and vibrating vibes is call my name), I’m itching make some noise, to carry the electric blue.

As usual, when I wear a full manicure, I’ll share these photos on my social media, and some can stop here for in-depth reviews that contain many swatches in different lighting conditions, bottle shots and commentary on the formula, etc.

Have all the requirements for a shade from the Essie neon 2015-collection, you want to first consider a full and thorough review, let me know, and I’ll see, what I can do. 🙂

I had only this Essie nail polish for a few days, so I still wore none, but this weekend, I plan my nails with a paint.

What are your tips from this collection?

There are 6 colors in the Essie neon-2015-collection:

Groove is in the heart

Football coach-bella

All access pass

Melody Maker

Vivid vibes

Make some noise


U.S. & Canada Launch Date – end May 2015 at @essie.com, drugstores, nail salons

International Launch Date – May / June 2015

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