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Essie 2015 Hubby For Dessert Bridal Nail Collection

Dedicated to a collection of wedding season? Yes, please. Essie new stunning bride comes with six shades, dedicated to this special day. All you need is love, oh, and the perfect manicure course. Don’t forget about the bridesmaids – also need great nails.

Essie 2015 Hubby For Dessert Bridal Nail Collection

The Essie bridal is a bit of a deviation in this year 2015 collection. Instead of filled with beautiful pastels and pretty curtains, there are a few surprising shades, are at the top of the bachelorette party by the wedding reception, handle big day and the party afterwards.

Elegant and timeless, essie it 2015 bridal collection has a mix of curtains and creams that are perfect for any wedding day.

With a slight variation of the curtains in this collection is the bride in the capable, the perfect hue according to her dress – white, blush cream, vanilla, antique, to find that the possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that all curtains below about Essie no Ridge top coat are displayed, which essentially acts as a nail lacquer primer and is suitable under a pure Polish. Think of it as putting on a foundation primer. I think that sheer Polish over top of this TOPCOAT must look really better.

You will be experimenting with this fine pastel colours, immediately to emphasize your angelic beauty on the big day, while there are also brighter colours Jazz up your look for the bachelorette party. In all of these colors are super versatile and cute and you are sure that they all year on a daily basis as well as taking. Although still a bride, should not you so at least one or two colors of these get pretty collection.

Essie 2015 Hubby For Dessert Bridal Nail Collection

The colors within the collection are available:

Coupling of Knotie – pure true pink

Hubby for dessert – pastel lilac

Worth the wait – pastel coral pink

Brides caramel blush

Brides no grooms – bright pink

Happy wife happy life – radiant red-orange

All this Essie nail polishes are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free, which means that you can enjoy your favorite color on your nails without them to damage. The Essie hubby for dessert 2015 bridal nail polish collection is commercially acquired international, which will be in may 2015, and you have to pay $8.50 for each color.


The Essie bridal collection by 2015 will provide retailers in the next few weeks on Earth. For more information about all things Essie, visit Essie.ca. And I have also some practical lazy links for our swatches from Essie spring 2015, Word on possible Essie, Essie resort 2015 and Essie summer 2015 2015 neons Oh – and this information at a new Salon product called Essie silk watercolor.

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