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Essence Urbaniced Collection for Fall 2015

Good morning, my valuable bad readers, not in essence and Catrice Monday on the news. To me, this collection is like even very much, so I am writing with great pleasure. Urbaniced style for me really to heart, the youthful Street style has long since conquered my heart. The truth, not always it is suitable for women over 30, but buy the bright cosmetics nothing prevents.

Essence Urbaniced Collection for Fall 2015
Essence Urbaniced Fall 2015 Collection

These “Places to be” conquered the new trend Edition “Urbaniced” by essence! Inspired by the sporty style of street fashion, this trend Edition provides a color scheme of contrasts with bold colors such as pink, pink and blue, as well as darker shades like grey, mud and black. The exciting, lightly brushed texture transforms the Eyeshadows style road in true, pieces of it, and the redness with a splash design is completely unique. The lip cream in a cool tube design comes with a small applicator so all girls can emphasize their lips when they are traveling. The nail & cuticle tattoo liner decorated, nails and cuticles with awesome graffiti designs, and two limited fragrances provide a touch of flair of the city. “Like an uptown girl” is characterized by its light yellow fruit and floral accents, while “like a downtown girl” with dark berries and sensual notes. Urban and beautiful… with essence.

Street Style Eyeshadow – New & Limited Edition


01 City girls rule!

02 The happy direction

03 For city-kittys only!

01 For city-kittys only!

Lip Cream – New & Limited Edition

01 Go for a stroll

02 Turn heads, baby!

Blush – Limited Edition

01 The sunny side of the street

01 The Happy Direction

Nail Polish – Limited Edition

01 Freak out!

02 Turn heads, baby!

03 Fun and the city

04 City girls rule!

Top Coat – Limited Edition

01 Be my town homie!

Nail & Cuticle Tattoo Liner – New & Limited Edition

01 That´s art!

Like an Uptown Girl Fragrance – New & Limited Edition (10 ml)

Like an Downtown Girl Fragrance – New & Limited Edition (10 ml)

Purse – Limited Edition

01 Bag it up!

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