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Ella Richards is New Face for Burberry Fall 2015 Campaign

This week marked the first official week of the summer to think but your shorts and Sun dresses for a second fall fashion, since only the Burberry autumn 2015 campaign started, and although self-promotion there is the popular British fashion star a several familiar faces, the campaign pretty legendary musician granddaughter aside.

Ella Richards is New Face for Burberry Fall 2015 Campaign
A Granddaughter Of The Rolling Stones Is Now A Face Of Burberry-5

Ella Richards, Keith Richards granddaughter, one so would stars of Burberry’s latest campaign, which is maybe to remind, the 18-year-old face, because you it will likely see a lot in the near future. Richards, who was consulted by her mother model agency when she was just 15, landed the impressive role in addition to some rather large company. Mario Testino latest brand print scarves and Bohemian paisley reflected has a group of 12 young British actors, musicians and models the classic trenches check box prints and fringed Cape inspired.

At the Burberry have nailed their formula – campaigns for the past few years, the the Mario Testino has photographed, dressed put the London (established and new to the scene) in identikit trenches relied on each other. The Burberry crew is still Yes, but the look is a little different and edgier with Candind caught-on-the-street-paparazzi style photography. The ditches were replaced for suede and fringing.

As Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative said and Chief Executive Officer speaks what they have sought to implement it on the new occupation out of fashion it was!” We have new talented young cast in this campaign from the world of music, fashion and film. Seeing how they are together in this legendary London setting allows us to celebrate the intersection between London’s great energy and its wonderful tradition.”

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