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Duo Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier Debut Their New Line

The fashion world is about to fall down! We thus have the faces and styles more are not used on the usual slopes. Everything has changed! Change, also not scare you if you more difficult but excited for new discoveries, hang here, we have just the right message for you. One of the most important changes in the industry is the debut collection of the former Marc by Marc Jacobs designer Katie Hillier, and Luella Bartley. All the news we have heard earlier this year; Marc by Marc Jacobs has entered the pages of fashion history, and saved for ambitious fashion students of the futures. The creative directors of the brand, however, gone forward start its own luxury brand and make their first steps of entering the fashion Olympics!

Duo Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier Debut Their New Line
Hillier Bartley’s Debut Collection for fall 2015-3

“For the first time I feel that I have done something that is complete to me.” Luella Transcredible blonde head is cocked, as she keeps a tuxedo suit with a tailored jacket, a pair of trousers that end in a tie ankle and a crisp white shirt with a tie. “It is dapper and sleek, but with a kind of rock ‘ n ‘ roll femininity about it”, she says. “The tissue is the variety of Savile Row tailors use – feel it, until you wear it, but then you understand the quality.” It feels like it’s time for some authentic longevity. ”

Then she smiles creasing the corners of her blue eyes. ‘ But if you had told me ten years ago, I would have said I probably be something for this purpose would support ‘Ugh – like in the middle ages!’ ”

Katie Hillier, Transcredible longtime friend and CodeSigner weapons, nods and laughs. She has to talk about their brand new joint venture about Luella, Hillier Bartley. Light passes through the kitchen window of the Georgian town house in London, which shares with the photographer David Sims and their three children Bartley. Hillier, now harsh on the kitchen counter. “This is an intimate, quiet sort of labels,” she emphasized carefully. “Quiet and modest – no deductible and no fuss.” New fashion brand Hillier Bartley

(Very) quiet shows that buyers already in February to choose the debut collection has finally revealed, first about an editorial in vogue and, where you can browse the collection for the time being only – it is not until Sept. 2 be available. Here the full book Debuts exclusively.

As promised, it’s all about the line of Luxe fabrics and simple English tailoring, filled with large pants, jackets, shirts and jackets. But it feels are still special thanks the irreverent, quirky mood, affect both designers for known – in details such as layers of colorful edge on a jacket wool and dramatic tasseled tie on a pink dress seen. Hillier’s signature Bunny motif made it also in the collection in the form of some adorable couplings. But who something a little more timeless there for their money, a number of classically styled shoulder bags.

Price-wise, it is a true luxury line, from $519 for “mum high waist” jeans (which I desperately want) to down to $2.848 for an ankle-length coat. It is investment pieces a little from the most price ranges, but this feeling, of those who must have many quality, people with the means will probably resist.

To be clear, are not Hillier and abandon their very British instincts for the eccentric generational subtext to Bartley – they are simply move in a classical sense and work with beautiful fabrics, along with forms they want to refine repeated and to keep. There’s a greatcoat Melton, a camel hair bathrobe coat with tie belt silk Quast, an army surplus khaki sweater with Green Velvet shoulder patches, a gray tailored Tweed suit with wide, cropped pants.

These dresses are you imagine is lived – in with a little “loucheness and insouciance” explains Bartley. “I love this thing by people carelessly to wear good clothes. I read a biography of Lucian Freud and came across a page that describes him as walking a line between vanity and vagrancy – and I only skipped, exclaimed: “That’s it!” “Treat yourself to 20 more years, and you sand-colored coats (made out of camel wool, exotic right!), the Velvet jacket or the rabbit falls in love with will – shaped coupling (now this one…” I really doubt this age is limited). Finally drain buying anything from this collection, as drinking age, the limit never thought you were not the age limit, you stop, a good time.

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