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Donna Karan Decided to Step Down from DKI

In a shocking announcement, WWD today Donna Karan has confirmed that she will resign from her eponymous label. She began 31 years ago with the intention of your brand, create a collection that she and her friends could wear easily and conveniently. Starting with a simple body and seven other interchangeable pieces, will be Ms. Karan a classic American designer after expanding on a wide variety of categories. Her late husband, Stephan Weiss was a partner in the creation of Donna Karan international, such as Takiyho Inc. The DKI LVMH was acquired in 2001.

Donna Karan Decided to Step Down from DKI
Donna Karan Steps Down, in Major Shift for Fashion

In a major shift for American fashion Donna Karan, the 66-year-old founder and Chief Designer of Donna Karan international, a brand that defines the way American working women for decades dressed on Tuesday announced that she will leave the helm of the House bearing her name.

Ms. Karan is as a consultant for Donna Karan international remain, but urban more time devote their Zen line, which were centers for wellness and craft and his Foundation.

LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the French conglomerate, which bought the House in 2001, you said there were no immediate plans, as a designer would replace and be exposed to the main collection of Donna Karan. It will not hold a show at New York Fashion Week in September.

After an announcement of the company will instead “Focus on the DKNY brand significantly increase” the company of more accessible line, which is currently responsible for 80 percent of revenue from Donna Karan international reorganize their teams and structure. It retains the license business.

“It’s a corporate move and a strategy,” said Robert Burke, founder of the namesake luxury consulting and former fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman.

Ms. Karan said in a statement “LVMH and I this decision after much soul-searching done. I arrived at a point in my life where I need urban to pursue more time to my Zen commitment to its fullest potential and to follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce.”

Interestingly, were Ken Sunshine and communications company sunshine Sachs press inquiries for Ms. Karan treat on Tuesday.

Although Mr. Sunshine close friend Barbra Streisand, represents a number of first-class entertainment clients, including Ms. Karan he is best known for his work in crisis management and his aggressive representation of people in acrimonious situations.

Last year, there were signs that had worsened the relationship between Ms. Karan and LVMH.

Last summer, Ms. Karan locked the three-story, 11,000 – square-foot space on Madison Avenue flagship store had operated for more than a decade as her signature line. This winter the lease is assumed the Neapolitan menswear brand Isaia.

But not Ms. Karan will bring leave decision her far from the field of fashion. She told WWD: “I arrived at a point in my life where I urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential to track and my vision of philanthropy and commerce with a focus on need to follow more time to my on health, education, and preservation of cultures.” Urban Zen currently produces a range of season-less clothing and find you under its three shops across America. This fall, she will present a collection of yoga. So while Ms. Karan more the focus of which will be direct fashion, she will be still around.

In March, Ms. Karan gave a interview in which they confirm that all was seemed not good with LVMH, WWD.

“I’m married to my company,” said Ms. Karan. “I’m married to my company, if I there or not be there.” I love the company, it’s my baby. I’ll still the design is? I’ll take this.”

The decision reflects a reality of the New York fashion world, an explosion on the market today in the last few years thanks to brands such as Tory Burch, Alexander Wang and rag & bone saw.

In April, LVMH acknowledged the importance of the sector by the streetwear haute public school creative directors from DKNY, name brand to much fanfare hot young designer Maxwell Osborne and DAO-Yi Chow.

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