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Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Collection for Fall 2015

Garden there is fairies at the bottom of Domenico Dolces last night. Queen Titania in a Golden Crown and a huge, Princess-y, gold-plated crinoline to. There was also a girl with a pair of sharp donkey ears, à la base, wending their way under the ninety-four sees Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda girl worn eliminated carefully down a steep winding road and on the distance start and runway, about the Dolce lawn at sunset in Portofino. An Italianate summer night dream, Dolce the own domain to life brings.

It was unreal, on many levels. Guests converge from all over the world to participate in the ‘home’ deliberately surreal conversations designer weekend. “I want a place where fantasy and reality are confused, to bring,” said Dolce. He had every detail of his Arcadian happens in his sketch books – flowers garlanded arches over the heads of the arriving guests keep Roman centurion and Renaissance pages, trees sprout ceramic majolica apples, nymphs with filigree wings, Puck-like figures from sectors exposed.

Some came by sea. In the course of preparations – an army of workers lugging the props and banquet half a mile on the Vertingous to prevent walkway of the city – Stefano Gabbana padded along the quays in short pants, greeting to friends. A towering super yacht, complete with an on board swimming pool, had pulled up next to his own impressive vessel. Who belong to it? He said “A customer”. “Russian.”

It was a cosmopolitan Assembly, so an avid Club Couture customers, girlish high summer holiday mood with their husbands and partners, on the Dolce garden of the worldly-wise joys come from. Before them were temptations in excess: corseted Ballgowns galore, Black Lace, the widow of evil transparent clothes, patchworked colorful fox fur brocade Poiret coats, Maharaja Bejwelled turbans, lush sweeping silk kimonos. Unique pieces, for a unique night – a theatrical traveled crescendo for a Couture and resort-presentation laden summer the history of all records on the Airmiles (and in this case nautical miles) has broken.

One sometimes wonders whether the mind bendingly extravagant spending could cause specific sales or whether a reputational risk marketing spend on perfume and accessories diffuse payback at a later date is written off categories, in the expectation of something what we already see. In this case – on the evidence of the change-room frenzy that erupted after dinner, when customers jostled and laughed as they tried on the appearance – there is no doubt that Dolce and Gabbanas Alta Moda fantasy, for some people is very much a reality.

In the Luxe, calme et Volupté of a world where men have their own Canalettos, reproduced on the jacket of their choice, it seems the limb to keep little one could access. But Dolce & Gabbana have a canny grasp of the mechanics of desire.

Friday night event ended with a handle for the purse after dinner for the ladies time and place souvenir, that irresistible for almost every woman on the dolce mini mountaintop proved. It was followed by an orgy of cheesy Italian pop, which vibrate the audience of full of anticipation had.

The following night men got cigars (not quite as Fabulash handbag for non-smokers) and bar room called a swing combo from Palermo kings who were somewhat less corny, but had plenty loud, up-for-it for a good time gagging. The weekend of the oldest symbol of human desires was dedicated with a club night, Oro, gold, recast in a disco Inferno. And this is the strange magic of this brand: height of the craft, deep fun. Real fashion democracy in full cry. And no wonder that it works. Humans are, after all.

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