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Dior Tie Dye Spring Summer Collection 2015

Dior Tie Dye was 2015 collection offers a range of sunny shades that bathes the skin in warm light, now I’m back with more details and close-up photos. You’ll definitely love at least a few products of this Tie Dye limited edition (promo pictures) collection that colors vary from amber to Brown jade Golden shades of beige or sand color blue lagoon. Lip shine in combinations of shades coral, pink, purple and red, while the nails are painted in a wave of color grenadine trend of the summer with a special touch. Not to mention these new Diorskin Nude Tan Tie beautiful Dye shades limited edition are the thrill of this collection. I won’t keep you more second and allow you to enjoy just after the cut.

Dior Tie Dye Spring Summer Collection 2015
Dior Tie Dye makeup cosmetics collection 2015 for spring summer


Date of commencement of Germany – Douglas, 13 April 2015

International launch – date April 2015 at Sephora

Dior Tie Dye Collection 2015

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye – new & Limited Edition-56, €00

Pink Sunrise

Coral Sunset

Diorskin Nude BB cream-44, €00


Tie dye color 5 – Limited Edition Palette – €56,00

#746 amber night

#556 contrast Horizon

Tie Dye Diorshow Kohl – Limited Edition-40, €00

Turquoise Pearl

Council Pearl

Dior show iconic Tie Dye waterproof Over curl in water – Limited Edition – €34.00

bleached #451 Turquoise

Dior Addict Tie Dye red lipstick – new – €34.00


Red bliss

Coral travel

Hypnotic plum

Cosmic rose

Utopia fuchsia

Nu never

Dior Addict Tie Dye fluid Stick – new – €35.50


#229 beige passion

#379 tropics

#449 sky Rose

#779 pleasure

Dior Addict Tie Dye Lip Maximizer – new – €35,00

#006 beige Sunrise

Dior varnish-25, €00

Milky Sunwashed – yellow #319

#239 Sunkissed – nude rose

#464 sundown – radiant hibiscus


Launch US – date April 2015 to Nordstrom and Macy

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