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Dior Launches Makeup Collection for Spring 2016

To thaw, to Christmas, while the large cosmetics and fashion Giants are thinking already about spring. It is precisely this week in Milan featured in the spring collections, the French fashion week started from September 30th and is already coming to an end, so we can safely look at Dior’s collection makiažus, and also evaluate the new features. I wonder? For me, too. What are the colors of our waiting for spring? What kind of make-up option offers a Dior?

Dior Launches Makeup Collection for Spring 2016
dior latest spring 2016 makeup collection-2_480x480

What we see in pictures: two shadow palette, color is not a novel, but I really enjoyed it, especially the Green and the violet color combination. Dior halos provides a powder-such pudrą see Kalėdinėje in almost every collection, however, and we hope for a miracle perkam perkam. Thank God, I’ve been nebeperku to me only Guerlain Meteoric disease, but as is, the icing is very beautiful. I’ve heard quite a lot of good feedback about Dior apply blusher, itself do not have, and I’m not trying to, if not šiltp shade skaistalų spring, why not? Well, and the main focus of the collection-nail varnishes. After that, as Peter Phillips started working for Dior, I’m becoming more and more like the Dior nail varnish collection. I think he’s trying here to realize what could not Chanel. After all, Chanel collection is more refined, and Dior lately more young, especially in the spring.

I can’t not mentioned that the new Dior Spring collection, it’s something in between the spring of 2012 and 2014 in the spring, but in any case, this is a classic pavasariškos. I’m really looking forward to melyno Nail Polish pics, maybe this will be the new Riva, only this time from Dior?


U.S. Launch Date – TBA (Spring 2016)

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