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Darling Alice in Wonderland-Inspired capsule Collection

The final act of the line of dissemination of Marc Jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs took a page from one of the stories most loved our time. Marc by Marc Jacobs and last collaboration of Disney, ‘I’m not like the other girls”is one day holiday collection based capsule on Alice in the Wonderland. Classic animation served as inspiration for the line, which consists of clothing, bags and accessories colorful and whimsical.

Darling Alice in Wonderland-Inspired capsule Collection
Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice In Wonderland capsule collection 2015_791x600

Earlier this year, the brand announced that the most affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs will merge with the main label. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to the line of beloved diffusion through a collaboration of Disney. The two companies have a popularity immense and loyal, as well as the release date November 1 is the ideal time to start to think of beautiful gifts for family and friends. Whether they are gifts for a Disney fan, a bookworm, a fashionista or yourself, everyone will love Marc by Marc Jacobs line ‘ I do not like the other girls.

The collection features characters and visuals of classic animation Alice in the Wonderland. One of the standout is the Domo Arigato Packrat enchanting garden backpack, which has been designed from five seconds of clips from the film that has been digitally stitched together by artist Bob Richards. This same technique was used on three different designs for garden flower Coin Pouch. Lovers of technology, you will appreciate the case various iPhone available 6, which contain the key to Alice, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, among others. The collection accessories are also skilled declines look at the book and the film, including Marc by Marc Jacobs this way hinge cuff ($98).

The Olympia Le-Tan x Alice in the Wonderland 2016 collection, the price tags of ranging from € 790 to € 1750, features rounded elements more attractive of the House in French, including a set of 2 bags, one light blue and one of Burgundy which represent one of the scenes most famous film, namely the young protagonist sleeping under a large tree of Alice – shoulder 3 book vintage claws and a Lancashire Cat clutch. One clutches book resembles portable fictional Alice and it is probably one of the cutest things that you have ever laid eyes on. Pouches and handbags square parts could help to instantly add a big dose of kindness to your eyes daily and special also.

Darling Alice in Wonderland-Inspired capsule Collection
Marc by Marc Jacobs Alice In Wonderland capsule collection 2015-1_636x600

And that is exactly why this capsule collection is plagued with some perfect gifts for a friend, the beloved, or even for you. It features unique elegant and unconventional pieces that could appeal to everyone, from 12-year-old girls to grown women.

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