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Christophe Lemaire for Uniqlo First Look

Luxury meeting the high street in October with Lemaire, UNIQLO, and the Japanese high-street brand designed collaboration with Christophe Lemaire, former creative director of Hermès.When starting today in the Marais district of Paris, the mood was similarly quiet for a region that has been exposed, understated, luxurious and modern be.

Christophe Lemaire for Uniqlo First Look
Christophe Lemaire for Uniqlo first look

Models lounged on white draped linen sofas under an enormous potted fig tree, a selection of relaxed clothes for men and women, in block colors grey, cream, red, black, Navy and smoky green bear.

Knitwear, always a strong point for UNIQLO, is stand out – the thick rib tunics and woolly Long Johns soft A-line skirts and striped sailor blouse knit sweater.

Shirting fabric, dark blue breeches, a scarlet medium-length shift dress with tie, which comes in a choice of colours and could see you from the Office to dinner without trouble, caught the eye, as well as a brilliant oversize parka that comes in black and white.

Combination of Lemaires experience with Hermès and Lacoste, where he was also the Creative Director, is casual wear at its finest. Not trend remote and to capture a mood that now fits, the whispers are the kind of classical pieces quality, cost, even, even though they are not expensive – the highest price tag will be £126 for a coat.

“Our philosophy is in the vicinity of UNIQLO,” Lemaire said. “UNIQLO designs quality dresses for everyday wear. It’s not trend-oriented. Everything is about the product and the technological innovations. Their philosophy is strong and modern. We believe that Lemaires to journey beyond the front of the fashion focus on the carrier is commitment to comfort, quality and style, aimed at fully in line with the concept of LifeWear, better life. Every element combines elegance with moderate recovery and comfort, for modern, advanced closet legs to stand on.”

Lemaire and his partner in life and work, Sarah-Linh Tran, who were present, said they wanted to create a collection that combines “Elegance with a moderate recovery and comfort”. Job to do. This is not a shouty mode and what a relief that is.

UNIQLO and Lemaire are available or online at in trading in October.

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