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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact for Fall 2015

The bulk of the advertising campaigns autumn 2015 were both predictable and conventional. Christian Dior decided in this season to change things and ventured out of the Studio on the way to a stunning new location for their recent campaign. According to Granville, France Designer Raf Simons Willy Vanderperre entered again the images with the headline team, to the collection of photography lens. The birth place of Christian Dior is a stunning backdrop that manages to steal the spotlight from models Julia nobis, MICA Arganaraz and Natalie Westling, almost unnoticed.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact for Fall 2015
Julia Nobis, Mica Arganaraz, Natalie Westling poses for christian dior fall winter campaign 2015-2

Dior presented their autumn 2015 campaign, photographed by Willy Vanderperre hometown of Granville, France at a cliff by the sea calm in Diorss. The term second skin thigh high boots that have become a kind of signature, be diorama inspired along with, mirrored sunglasses of bejewelled collar blouses, the animal print bag and full fur dress highlighted. We will not climb a rocky coastal cliff in this looks anytime soon, but it looks good. J ‘ adore!

How else could so fascinated and high in want if not look at the beauties, which sit on the coast of the English Channel wearing glamorous, chic, and affordable pieces accented with metallic collar, the rigid sharp edges or extreme tight socks varies from right above the ankle up to the thighs sitting on legs like second skin to have length? In the shots we see much black: the basic classic fashion trend which holds that Raf Simons applied color masculine fits just Capri pants, a mixed romantic and restrained behavior taste and loose short skirts and dresses. But the target to avoid too strict and dark looks, are these black paired with Socks with colorful patterns, graphic of cross body bags, red and peachy collars,. There are also several pieces in colors other than black, like the pink, striped straight pants suit together with ankle booties mahogany-purple pattern.

Christian Dior Fall 2015 Ad CampaignWe love also the furry mahogany striped dress that has a V-shape back: it looks so wonderful MICA with an exquisite match with strong character of the dress and the model with thick eyebrows, referring to Fleek. The most charming thing about this dress is that the fur is not completely mat but has some sparkle, the picture adds to the splendor of the wearer. Certainly we see the firm position of accessories in the collection with bags diagonal comic strips, collar and reflect mirror sunglasses, beautifully tailored with animal prints. The makeup is as simple and minimalistic as possible, to the environment as opposed to the crazy dark blackish Eyeshadows fit we saw in the start and landing strip.

Against gray blue sky and rocky cliffs, designs take center stage RAF of Samji autumn. The animal print-inspired diorama bags, skin-tight patent leather boots, fat mirrored sunglasses, ladylike jeweled collars and dyed fur dresses one undeniable strength of light add an otherwise bleak landscape. Could Simon’s help, the next trendy destination for fashion-obsessed people Granville make travel? We doubt it, but these will show probably they want to let his clothes.

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