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China Glaze House of Colour Collection for Spring 2016

China Glaze is a company based in Taiwan and a professional Nail Polish brand that is currently most salons because its range of colours and the quality of the lacquer. He is known for his unique and vivid colours and typically includes a new collection based on the opportunities of each exercise and seasonal general need. There are many top between the mixing colors and it is for this reason that we are very happy to see the China Glaze home color collection spring 2016 appear before us, to be made available this month internationally through later.

China Glaze House of Colour Collection for Spring 2016
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China Glaze was created in 2000 and is listed on the stock exchange at a price of $9.80. What makes it so special is the kaolin ingredients used within, which is also the same material used in the creation of products of China, giving them a nice and shining finish key. For this range of products, kaolin is used as hardener nail lacquer itself without BPD and Tulin, both added formaldehyde.


   Shut The Front Door! – violet (Shimmer)

   Chrome Is Where The Heart Is – purplish-gray (Shimmer)

   Sorry I’m Latte – light coffee with milk (Cream)

   Glitter Me This …– white, gold, silver particles on a transparent base (Glitter)

   Girls Just Wanna Have Sun – pale yellow (Cream)

   Let’s Chalk About It – pastel lilac (Cream)

   About Layin ‘Out – pink salmon (Cream)

   Pink Or Swim – light pink (Cream)

   In The Near Fuchsia – bright fuchsia (Cream)

   Moonlight The Night – blue, turquoise, mint, orange particles on a transparent base (Glitter)

   Come Rain Or Shine – Blue (Shimmer)

   Do not Be Shallow – Blue (Cream)

There will be also a couple of nail polish sets available so if you’d prefer the mini-varnish set then you can go with China Glaze Room Mates Mates Mini Set which features 6 nail colors at 3.6 ml / 0.125 fl oz:

Shut The Front Door !

   In The Near Fuchsia

   Pink Or Swim

   Let’s Chalk About It

   Come Rain Or Shine

   Do not Be Shallow

Offering six full size nail colors is China Glaze House of Colour Set (14 ml / 0.5 fl oz):

  Let’s Chalk About It

   About Layin ‘Out

   Pink Or Swim

   Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

   Do not Be Shallow

   Moonlight The Night


International Launch Date – January 2016 at ULTA

China Glaze House of Colour Spring 2016 Collection

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