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Charlotte Olympia Presents Africa Inspired Collection for Spring 2016

Inspired by Osa Johnson’s memoirs under the title “I married adventure” Charlotte Olympia designed a collection completely inspired by travel adventures of the author with her husband in the 1910s, 20s and 30s. Charlotte Olympia SS16 collection featured designs, exotic travel originating in centuries past.

Charlotte Olympia Presents Africa Inspired Collection for Spring 2016
Charlotte Olympia’s New African 2016 Collection

New York – Charlotte Olympia Dellal love things funky with her shoe designs fresh and to keep. This season saw the shoe designers on the subject of travel for their collection spring/summer-2016. The collection named Dellal “I married adventure” according to memoirs written by Osa Johnson, a woman who the world traveled with her husband, photographer in the first half of the twentieth century.

Dellal, born in South Africa, really make their home continent through the designs with many Leopard and Zebra print. Also a not vulnerable racial used snake for a handbag for this season collection. Certain pieces of leather were also stamped that resemble crocodile or ostrich.

There were number of African print motifs and countless animal prints. Globes and world map references took cover on shoes and handbags.

Drawn the inspiration from Africa had a strong, strong presence in the printed collection of Zebra and Leopard prints. Featured leather treatments, to resemble crocodile and ostrich skins.

Many of the other designs outside area specifically refer to Africa including a boxy clutch cover labels, shoes and bags in cards with travel and a handbag shaped like a hat. Create on their ability, such topics for a collection Dellal fashionista.com said that “it happened naturally.” It is quite the natural talent she has, as she manages contiguous collection according to related collection of each season of code changes.

The handbags were cheesy, while some as cameras were designed, others the form of Blush Pink Elephant took and took another form of imitation of the Safari-style, Sun hat. A box-shaped Lucite clutch came equipped with travel stickers for hearing aid users customizable decoration and preference. Bizarre couplings imitated, post cards and passports.

The famous “Kitty” slipper collection, returned, but in the form of a flat espadrille with a tips of the toes. Rattan shoes rest on designed similar to expensive heels rattan furniture from Africa in recent decades. Some featured shoes designs to resemble Luxe animal fur rugs. African map shape color reference from Wicker blocked heels, while smaller, stacked heels and crochet took.

Charlotte Olympia appeared collection culturally quirky and a product of the journey into a past era. Charlotte Olympia on had the true authoritative makes, admirers alike are for the adventurous journey behind their inspiration.

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