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Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Rumor says that the French Riviera a favorite destination by Gabrielle Chanel was in the wild 1920s, and just said to represent this collection. Far away from the Parisian Street style is casual Rivieran fashion, skin is browned, and everything is close to the nature.

Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 Makeup Collection
Chanel Summer 2015 Makeup Collection Mediterranee

If you noticed, that I actually took some info from the press release (something that I usually ignore) it it because it credibly this time is self can see it and feel, and it’s pretty obvious that this collection is far from it, anything we, by Chanel in years have seen (spoiler warning: this morning, I saw only the next colour collection and it is so refreshingly different than this).

Not necessarily like this collection better than the last because I’m a neutral lover forever and ever, but I love there’s variety for all kinds of Chanel girls… Who am I kidding, I like all Chanel makeup.

The collection is a perfect mixture of happy, bright Mediterranean colors effortless bronzed hues together with lazy. The actual products selected are also pretty effortless – for this collection no eyeshadow quads, but rather a slap stick eyeshadow, paired with Chanel, most expensive, most convenient lipstick formulas and a multi purpose bronzing powder. Wear it with a DAB of cream Chanel CC and’re good to go.

Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 Makeup Collection
Chanel Summer 2015 Makeup Collection Mediterranee-1

I will be a separate post a few products that I do with games show.

Chanel Lumière d ‘ ÉTÉ illuminating powder ($65.00) (limited edition)

Embossed with a beautiful Camellia blossom and packed with golden shimmers with frosted, this is your natural complexion, décolleté and the eyes shine and a sunny shine to bright golden-bronze powder which is Queen of the entire collection. It is the ultimate product that you need to collect mud carefree elegance and confidence, as well as the legendary look of the roaring twenties of the Riviera this summer.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel sheer illuminating fluid ($48.00)

Available in sunkissed – features soft Golden shadow, this weightless oil-free and fragrance-free liquid highlighter cream botanical extracts, the moisture and smooth the skin while it contain luminosity thanks to the light-reflecting pigments to give. It’s perfect on your cheeks as a bronzer and center of the nose and around the eyes for highlighting and contouring your functions apply.

Chanel Stylo eyeshadow ($34.00)

Perfect in your make-up bag to carry wherever you go, comes from this long wear and shimmering creamy eyeshadow pencil in five summer-ready rich shades of purple to timeless Browns. It is super easy to apply, in particular, if you are attempting to draw a precise thin line. The eyeshadow possesses super light and formula infused water for de effortlessly chic results.

  • Purple #107 Campanule – shimmers with blue
  • #117 azulejo teal
  • #127 Laurier rose – golden rose
  • #137 olivine – olive green
  • #147 Caroube – warm brown

Chanel Stylo yeux waterproof ($32.00)

Exactly how is this eyeliner is also super easy to use the Stylo eyeshadow for your Peepers add definition. The color winds its way up and down, if you need it, and it features a waterproof, silicone-based formula for an even feed.

  • #997 Orchid – intense purple

Chanel Le volume de Chanel waterproof mascara ($32.00)

Load apply but not least your eyelashes add volume and your beautiful eyes to complete makeup this waterproof mascara. It features an exclusive “snowflakes” brush with long and short bristles for an AHA effect. There are two timeless hues to choose from, that are:

  • 10 Noir – black
  • 20 burn – brown

Chanel Rouge Coco shine moisturizing sheer Lipshine ($36.00)

Packed with an innovative formula, the the correct dose of color and shimmer delivers, is now available in four new colors, which one of them is a limited edition color this legendary product. When you add from your favorite color on the lips, the lipstick also softens and plumps, the lips for a healthier look.

  • 487 Aorosa beige (limited edition)
  • 477-Reveuse beige rose
  • 507 Karima – coral
  • 497 Intrepide – pink

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Moisturizing lip color ($36.00)

Based on a special formula that hydrates and the lips with a bright color, immediately sees coats Chanel’s iconic Rouge Coco now is lipstick in the legendary red shade, that every woman needs to increase for their party.

  • 440 Arthur – bright red

Chanel Rouge Coco Baume moisturizing lip balm ($36.00)

If you’re more into nude lips, this is the ultimate product that you need, as it comes to hydrate and smooth sheer lip balm you look for a healthier and fuller.

Chanel LEVRES SCINTILLANTES Glossimer ($30.00)

Perfect over your favorite lipstick or standalone use, adds these amazing lip-gloss lips a glossy lights your pout, while also moisturizing your lips. There are two new color additions the rich the colors available, a limited edition color of which is.

  • #447 rose Paradis – intensive pink with blue shimmer
  • #457 Allegria – rose

Chanel Le Vernis ($27.00)

While strengthening and moisturizing your nails healthier to make, these nail polishes of Chanel that add perfect color to your fingertips for a vibrant summer-y note.

  • #697 Terrana-taupe
  • #707 Méditerranée – teal
  • #717 Coquelicot Red
  • #727 Lavanda purple

Chanel Pinceau blush brush #4 ($54.00)

With expertly tapered bristles, this blush brush by Chanel for blush and bronze suitable application on your face perfect contour.

The make-up collection from Chanel Méditerranée summer 2015 is already available for purchase online on Chanel’s official website. The U.S. launch of the products at Chanel is set for 8 May 2015 switches.


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