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CHANEL Les Beiges 2015 Summer Collection

Dépoilé Transcending fashions and seasons, LES BEIGE DE CHANEL beauties one style made manifest in its own right. From the heart of winter in the middle of the summer, the first glimmer of hope of spring on the golden light of autumn, takes the skin with this unique natural beauties, all one your own. As Gabrielle Chanel, who freed the bulk of restrictions, free LES BEIGE daily increments of beauty, so that she easily and spontaneously. Formulated for an error-free LD pli cation, the variation of the shadows, and textures has a single mission: to reveal the natural radiance of a healthy outdoor shine.

CHANEL Les Beiges 2015 Summer Collection
Chanel Les Beiges Mariniere summer 2015-1

Today, the LES BEIGE collection sets sail. Dressed in an iconic striped top, the Mademoiselle borrowed from sailors and gave their own twist, will continue that inspired the makeup line by nature. Cheek bones barely red with a hint of color, a radiant complexion and Mois Turized, lips has perfectly pampered. A range consists of healthy glow colors and formulas, easy to use.

When creating Les beige, retained Peter Phillips, the creative director for Chanel makeup, a natural look in mind. The first product to be released from the collection Les beige being the healthy sheer glow powder called a compact powder. It will be perfect for this summer, because not only it is you who look like no makeup makeup, but it’s also super easy, so you can skip the heavy Foundation and reach only for this powder. Smart technology together with the addition of SPF 15, the compact to correct the skin easily while blocking out these harmful UV rays.

Chanel Les Beiges 2015 Summer Collection

Healthy Glow Multi Colour Mariniere – New & Limited Edition



Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

No.25 (New Shade) (Limited Edition)

Healthy Glow Sheer Color Stick – New & Limited Edition




Healthy Glow Hydrating Lip Balm – Limited Edition


Levres Scintillantes

No.204 Rose Tendre

No.206 Beige Star

Le Vernis

   No.655 Beige Rose (Limited Edition Europe)

No.659 Beige Pur

No.661 Precious Beige

No.663 Lovely Beige

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