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Chanel Cruise 2016 Collection Presented by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld took on 2016 last night collection us through his cruise a train rides from Seoul. With lively production values to the futuristic spaceship as structure is the Dongdaemun design Plaza (DDP).

Chanel Cruise 2016 Collection Presented by Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Does Korea With Kristen Stewart and Hudson Kroenig in Tow

The winding space turned into a white washed modern arena, decorated lamps, with first-rate color lollipop by colorful polka-dot motifs on the ground, mapping from the track, like a playful catwalk twist on a game of Twister and Plexiglas brightly colored stools for show-goers on sit and take scattered in the presentation were mirrored. Chanel Camellia occurs as wall panels in one of the rooms also a prominent presentation with large and medium-sized floral 3D applications in natural white.

Speaking about his decision to pick up the high-profile event, after Seoul Lagerfeld said: “I think people know not so much about it. They know everything about China and Japan, but I think that they don’t know as much about [South Korea]. I thought it was a good idea.”

Beauty items were fat and fun with models, the sporty accented black more contoured eyebrows, lower lashes at center stage and poppy red Lézignan topped with black head chrome plated hairpieces provided has given their cue from historical styles dramas, an updated twist in the period (an element that some of the Korean guests on the map indicated was an authentic addition to star.)

But when it came to the collection Lagerfeld decided, “Aspects of South Korean traditionalism, vaporize” cultural references, opt for a more fluid interpretation of Korean mixed with the Chanel identity: “It’s a cosmopolitan idea of local fashion,” he said. Through the Tweed-take on Hanboks (the South Korean equivalent the kimono) exhibiting weaves used bright colours: “There is an updated Korean version of the Chanel jacket,” Lagerfeld said.

Elsewhere in the collection, other elements of the Hanboks influenced voluminous shapes and bright colour combinations, particularly in the high waisted dress designs, to see that the traditional and unique patchwork technique from South Korea recorded.

An almost seamless blend of traditional Korean shoes and square-toed chunky low-heeled of Mary Janes integrates shoes (not unlike Chanel’s autumn/winter 15 runway runway shoes.) These came with built-in leather socks.

Bold jewelry designs – chunky chain necklaces and bracelets in gold and colored metals to sugary cuffs, Baroque supporters and stylized camellias with graphical forms fixed in the hair and clothes – adorn the outfits punctuated by heels with rounded toes or patent leather of Mary Janes with integrated socks. The House’s iconic bag sport allover sequins embroidery or comes at the second glance in a multicolored Tweed, interspersed with couplings and decorative Minaudi√®res.

Graphics look refined, abstract motifs, bright color palette – drawn from the Korean aesthetic repertoire – the new cruise collection carries the Chanel vocabulary, consistently cosmopolitan and modern.

Elsewhere in the collection of the patchwork information and colorful Tweed interpretations were some less obvious evening in sheer black with floral Appliques, delicate and subdued decoration, only from the neck down to the local topic brought sees. Enjoy the collection in the gallery below completely…

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