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Celebrities who Recreated their Garbage Pictures and Sent us to the Past

Nothing like a journey down a lane of memory! Life memories are some of the most valuable keepsakes from infancy to adolescence to hold our heart dear when we grow up. These nostalgic memories ‘ ease and simplicity make us realize how easy we once had in our trouble-free years Nothing beats the sense of nostalgia that strikes us every time we turn over the pages of our old photo albums.

A movement where individuals recreate pictures from their childhood has been popular for several years now. Users attempt to take every little detail into consideration: place, clothing, pose, facial expressions, and accessories. Ultimately, they get such a excellent outcome that they seem to have returned to the past . There’s just something about those stupid baby pictures, awkward prom portraits, and hilarious family candids that get us to look at them every time. It has become a very popular and indeed funny trend on the web to recreate all these classic childhood memories, even our celebrities are participating in it! They recreate their pictures flawlessly and nailed their recreations pretty much don’t no.

“Me and my cousins recreated a photo taken more than 18 years ago.

1970-2019 Same bike, same couple, same spot

“Holding my cousin 21 years apart on the same rooftop in Spain”

“The favourite picture of my family: twenty years in between and we are still bullying the little one.

Bonus: Friends ‘ actors came together to celebrate the 55th birthday of Courteney Cox

25 years later

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