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Catrice FALLosophy Makeup Collection 2015 for Fall

We must really believe, autumn is almost upon us. Special for autumn has Catrice a very nice collection, FALLosophy. This is a collection of beautiful shades that fit perfectly with this season. The collection is from early October to mid-November in the Netherlands and Belgium in both shops. Look you along to these limited edition?

Catrice FALLosophy Makeup Collection 2015 for Fall
Catrice Fallosophy latest makeup collection for 2015 autumn-3

Matt Eye Shadow – Limited Edition – €2.79


C01 Robin Wood

C02 Mauving Leaves

   C03 Berrytale

Eye Shadow Brush – Limited Edition – €2.79

Gradation Powder Blush – Limited Edition – €3.99 – limited edition


C01 Fading into Dawn

Soft Lip Colour – Limited Edition – €4.49


C01 Fabulous Fox-ia

C02 Rustic Rose

C03 Little Red Riding Hood

Nail Lacquer – Limited Edition – €2.79


C01 Mystic Moss

C02 Mauving Leaves

C03 Berrytale

C04 Fabulous Fox-ia

C05 Morning Dew

From the photo collection of really enjoyed, like most opaque shadows (they are usually very good quality) and lipstick and nail varnish recommend to inspect more carefully, because some of them are similar to Chanel nail varnish shades (it goes without saying, they will not be identical, but the middle color Berrytale I very Parodoxal primina). The original only get knowledge, or will this collection.

And this is the whole collection; I think it is a beautiful and warm collection that fits perfectly with the fall. Or all products runners will be I don’t know, but they are very nice products. Be expected that the blush away quickly is, which is, of course, also beautiful. What items will you score?


It is available in Mystic Mauving Leaves, Moss, Berrytale, Fabulous Fox-ia and Morning Dew.

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