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Late Night Dance Party

There is no denying that alcohol is loved by most people. Especially after a long and busy working week there is nothing better than getting a couple of drinks with good colleagues be it shots, cocktails or beer. Even going to a club or even to a home party, you ...

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Can you Find the Disturbing Detail in this Picture?

I looked at Viral when I saw a problem someone posted a photo with the caption: “It took me forever to understand what’s wrong here.” Naturally, as a person who could not find glasses on her head, I thought that I had enough qualifications to try to find out. Here ...

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Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet And Exercise Plan

There are also some serious sparks in the new body of Ashley Graham. The voluptuous fashion model does not offer a damn, despite being hit several times either for “trying to encourage obesity” or “for losing what made her famous.” She is ALDA’s proud founder, a body positivity activist, and ...

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Model Loses 150,000 Followers to Share ‘ Brutally Honest ‘ Photos

Curvy Natalya Lozano is a model that had more than 150,000 subscribers before her account was suddenly shut. The Spanish star was supposed to create a new Instagram account and is currently recovering her followers from scratch. She has already managed to win back 14,000 and promises to continue the fight against censorship and insults in relation to models of large sizes. Accounts are often closed due to improper content,  but someone’s profile will also be deleted if other users file complaints. Natalya thinks that concerted attempts have been made to lodge complaints about her. The model claims she faces daily criticism because of her size, but she’s not going to give up. There are hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts out there that are constructed to gain supporters, ...

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