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Interesting Pictures of Celebrities on the Subway

We are so used to seeing celebrities on our screens that we sometimes forget they have a life beyond the screen and behind the cameras as well. Glamor and luxury are often associated with celebrities. We look forward to them traveling in their own cars or expensive cabs. Generally speaking, ...

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Disney Cosplay that will Surprise you

When we were children, remember and dreamed of dressing up as our favourite Disney characters whenever we wanted without judgement? We could spend hours floating and applauding in our clothes ; dancing around like Cinderella or Captain Amelia or Repunzel . We still want to escape reality, likely more so ...

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5 Favorite Celebrities With And Without Makeup

Celebrities, like all of us, are just ordinary people. Sometimes they want to throw their hair in a dirty bun and put on a pair of their favorite night pajamas at the movies. It seems that at present, many A-List celebrities are more fond of this casual, makeup-free look than ...

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