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Carolina Herrera Beautiful Resort Collection 2016

Colors, prints, a well-placed polka. Carolina Herrera signatures of all were usually beautiful new resort collection in their. Show replaced the waves and waves of her case springs as the dominant motif of the season. She shared the scene with florals and appeared in all possible ways: as a fine or on a long chiffon dress, as an application on a tea-length skirt painted or boldly splashed over the rock a ball gown. Only real feathers were missing from the history; Herrera, sequins, beads, and the occasional laser-cut plastic embroidery tend to prefer authentic feathers here. But above all, she focused on graphics, which light the entire feeling held.

Carolina Herrera Beautiful Resort Collection 2016
Carolina Herrera’s Resort 2016 Collection is here-22

“I think in my previous life I was a dancer at the Lido in Paris,” said Carolina Herrera at the presentation of her new collection of resort, with both hands in the air over where a giant headband could sit to illustrate, “to overthrow because every time I see feathers, I’m on it!” And true to form, plumage played a key role in their latest designs: shows up as an exaggeration, body skimming illustration at the front of the flowing Crêpe gowns and shifts, as a delicate motif on jauntier silk separates and had in the ease and grace with which the entire collection are rendered. Neon lace knee pants in every other hand might a warning – here it was quite tasty option for an elegant afternoon Fête: perhaps, a garden party or someone’s leisurely lunch. (Yes, even in the neon.) “We bring the lightness and color after a long, cold winter”, said Mrs. Herrera, and while tuxedoed staff offered guests their sunglasses on a silver platter – unfortunately needless flooded pairs a drizzly, dark day–their Studio in tropical tones that suggest, the Sun is just over the horizon: carnations and yellow tones and tangerines, all with the same mood and same brand brushed devotion to elegance, about everything.

Of course the first thing that catches the eye in the collection is the range of evening dresses, blue including the lightweight ball skirt and cropped top with the black Carnation application on the waist, the citing of the modern women, as well as the stunning full skirt strapless lemon dress with black feathered details, the level more serene and modest dresses and tea length skirt come together with Black Lace crop top. In General, whether it collide himself to daywear or evening wear, classic silhouettes and Hererras femininity with modern details, so that the perfect collection both for fans of timeless and elegant fashion and leisure, for more innovative and fresh designs!

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