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Calzedonia Spring Summer 2015 Swimwear Collection

This spring and summer we are in 2015-collection of our favorite Italian dealers, the stockings and swimwear in a treatment like that new Calzedonia swimwear fashion brand is founded in Verona in 1987, revealing catering for men, women and children. It is a popular label to turn to celebrities all over the world, was his way up on the top of the ladder in the last twenty years of existence.Portuguese model Sara Sampaio is entered for a swimwear photo shoot for popular fashion label to KE Calzedonia.

Calzedonia Spring Summer 2015 Swimwear Collection
Calzedonia Swimwear Summer 2015 collection for women-3

Calzedonia is a brand, style and design, who use state-of-the-art materials and substances for their collections and properly understand what could go further in terms of the latest fashion trends and tastes into a dynamic reality with views of the future, which is achieved through careful research. Calzedonia values passion, sacrifice, love and devotion to a common project, ideal, that have led it on the path of success. So has us a range of swimwear available for this seasons spring and summer 2015 Caldezonia, on the classic and modern, and represents the most striking silhouettes.

Classic stripes of sailors on the water, there is a look that never fails attention and provide a feel as sexy as possible. Kelly Gale and Sara Sampaio have joined together to show, her incredible body in sailor style bikinis, some even missing belt and with additional embellishments for a glamorous appeal.

If you noticed on the beach to be and your Tan really have rest want to withdraw under the, you decide to for the beautiful neon colors, including the bright highlighter pink strapless pieces with matching bikini bottoms and a white kimono top thrown. As the tanning process is so sensitive, the bandeau bikini tops are actually a good choice, as long as you add the straps again before taking a dip in the sea. We love especially the electric blue figures, which has a tie on the side of the hip and really accentuates the diaphragm.

The 23-year-old is posing for the Italian label spring/summer 2015 campaign, a fascinating vision in the bright and trendy bikinis from the new collection.

The dark-haired, dusky model shows off her trim and toned body in a series of fascinating Studio recordings and glamorous looks.

Posing with an oversized Hashtag structure #clz, Sara underlines the growing popularity of social media networks while flaunting a variety of skimpy swimwear.

Dressed in an array of playful and lively strapless and string bikinis in flirty colors, prints and patterns, Sara is in casual shots and portrays a lucky figure.

The swimwear is with funky jewelry including oversized bangles, and serene statement earrings fit designed.

Sara Sampaio is known secret for her work with Victoria and swim in the Sports Illustrated magazine appear. She was also the 2014-Rookie of the year.

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