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Burberry Partners Google to Launch Interactive Video Experience

It feels like Burberry announces a new inspiration with over tech initiative the same frequency that he releases new collections. And just a few days after that the Burberry unveiled its 2016 before the fall collection; the British heritage label is followed with a new marketing program.

Burberry Partners Google to Launch Interactive Video Experience
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Burberry has launched ‘The Booth Burberry “which allows customers to star in a version custom Festive campaign.

Powered by Google, using real-time video later sewing technology, “The Burberry Booth” allows clients to appear alongside some of the interpreters of the Film festive members in 15 seconds custom edit of the campaign. The film is directed by the capture of people jumping in the style of the announcement and then placing the images in the film itself.

Once their film on measurement has been created, “The Burberry Booth” sends instantly client a shareable copy YouTube, Twitter or e-mail. Each film will be accompanied by the soundtrack of the Film festive Burberry, ‘Cosmic dancer’ T – Rex.

In partnership with Google, Burberry has launched ‘The Booth Burberry’ to its flagship Regent Street store in London. (Yes, this is the same store with special screens that interact with RFID chips embedded in the clothes.) With sewing in real-time video technology, customers can film their own versions of current advertising campaign for the brand. As you could see saw, the Festive campaign saw celebrities – Romeo Beckham, James Corden, Naomi Campbell and others – Billy Elliott-style jumping on a green-printed background. Through the Burberry Booth, holiday shoppers can create an edict of 15 seconds of the campaign in which they appear alongside these celebrities. The clip is immediately sent to the user, who can then share with their friends. Surely Burberry hopes that these friends will want to see what a pleasure it must be done at the store, too.

It’s the second time, Burberry has established a partnership with Google for a digital campaign, the first being “Burberry Kisses,’ used “lip detection technology “to allow users to send digital kisses to relatives in June 2013.

Given the status of Burberry as a luxury brand, Burberry booth feels a little cheesy and lowbrow – juvenile, even. While we understand the importance of bringing the brick and mortar retail entertainment these days, we expect from Burberry to be ahead of the game when it comes to technology and social media, and this shareable store experience is not exactly novel. Warby Parker and reform are among dozens of retailers with photo booths digitally linked in-store; and Jib Jab to summer leaving teens insert their faces into stupid animated videos for years. That said, we have not actually tried it out, and given the history of Burberry and involvement of Google, it may be a cool experience.

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