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Bottega Veneta 2016 Resort Collection

There are a lot of ways to find clothes. This season held Tomas Maier of his point of view, such as a film director who adapt with changing camera settings. He began with a panorama – about idea of landscape In mid-November, when most of this collection are delivered to shops – and bright colors as a balm for covered, blackout days suggests. Enlarged he for extreme close-ups, fixing his attention on details like a daggered jacket collar or dot pattern on a patchwork pleated skirt about applications were created. Finally he swung back out, get to take on the clothes he keeps even most importantly: he can only confirm his impression of clothing, do they see on a model in a mirror, the better to catch the overall effect his appearance as Maier explained at an appointment today. This is the perspective, which allows to the countless adjustments to share and stream its Bottega Veneta give clothes and their sense of effortless feature.

Bottega Veneta 2016 Resort Collection
bottega veneta resort collection 2016-13

Witness, for example, the patchwork pleated skirts and dresses with their fragments of black fabric, which visually serves thin out the waist. Elsewhere, the light played a similar trick with his high-waist pants m wool gabardine, to give color-block above the waist, a slouchy posture. The pants were fine series of tailoring, a theme that emphasized m; a contour in this collection There were also sportier takes male regalia such as trim leather bomber and composed of multicolor swatches suede leather track jackets or the high-end active-wear fabric for shirts and abbreviated A-line skirts. Maier it graphic use of colour was evident by route, look under these very different. On closer inspection in the meantime revealed that the real continuity design everything with a sense of movement and lightness equip collection to remove the bodies of clothing, with Luxe transitional substances and unlined coat this. The tactile elements not in the mirror to see. But somehow, they are still to be seen.

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