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BeYu Berlin Nail Colors for Spring Summer 2015

BeYu Berlin Gallery of nail color Collection spring summer 2015 brings all kinds of new shades in different finishes and textures, so you will most certainly find your favorite. Also includes nail care essentials new Berlin BeYu collection gallery is one of the major launches of the season offering you shines, sparkles, satin Nail Polish and long-term.

The Berlin scene is known for its free spirit & tolerance, and with its many colorful shops, galleries and cafés little becomes more original and extravagant! Inspired by the present, BeYu has developed a new, coloured nail polish collection.

BeYu Berlin Nail Colors for Spring Summer 2015
BeYu Berlin latest and new Gallery of Nail Colors Spring Summer 2015

BeYu Berlin Gallery of nail colors spring summer 2015

BeYu long lasting Nail Polish – €4.99 for 9 ml

Nails perfectly lacquered and bright are the eye catchers on the hand of a woman! With a new CAP black-design and proven texture, BeYu presents long-term nail lacquer. Nail Polish ultra long duration & fast drying is easy to use and provides results of brilliant colors with excellent coverage! The application is easy thanks to the proven shape brush flat & wide – even for less experienced users. Lacquer nail long-term by BeYu is available in 38 colors breathtaking.

BeYu sparkling Top Coat – €4.99 for 9 ml

The texture of transparent varnish contains particles of sparkling sequins in various sizes & shapes.


N ° 10 electric white Multi

Sparkling Champagne n ° 21

BeYu Satin effect filmogenous – €6.99 for 9 ml

New acts of pastel Satin effect Nail Lacquerin 10 as silk liquid on the nails. The nail with the elegant satin effect is semi matte, yet Shimmers gently at the same time. For a sophisticated, elegant & unique look!


Ice Princess No.851

No.854 Melon Smoothie

No.857 silky Peach

No.859 sweet almond

No.863 Pink Swan

No.866 pretty Orchid

No.869 Lovely Lilac

No.873 icy Ocean

No.876 Glaze Arctic

No.879 Mint melody

Nail gloss BeYu sugar – €6.95 for 8 ml

With its special structure of sand 3D sugar Shine nail lacquer creates a fascinating effect. Nails look as if they were immersed in sugar end and sparkling crystals! The 3D texture is visible once dry, and nail polish is available in bright colors.


Crystal liquid no.808

813 soft apricot

Lollipop pink no.815

Pink No.816

No.820 sweet heart

No.822 Rock Romance

No.825 glitter Mauve

No.828 aquatic Glam

No.830 Emerald Glint

BeYu perfecting Ridge Filler – €4.99 for 9 ml

Perfecting the Ridge filler fills the furrows and ridges to leave the nails smooth & even! It balances the roughness, grooves & bumps in the nail plate, leaving the nails looking perfectly maintained. As a base layer, developmental Ridge Filleris preparing perfect for results color mirror smooth.

BeYu protecting the clear Base – €4.99 for 9 ml

TheProtecting clear Base, a layer of base smoothing, provides a protective layer between the nail and the coloured varnish. This protects the nail against discoloration and optimizes the lasting results of coloured varnish.

BeYu High Gloss Top Coat – €4.99 for 9 ml

Power Gloss Top Coat makes the nail polish last longer and offers an intensive mirror finish. It seals the coloured varnish to optimize the results of wear and is ideal to refresh its luster at any time!

BeYu 60 sec Express dry Top Coat – €4.99 for 9 ml

The transparent, fast drying 60 Sec Express dry Top Coatleaves of dried varnish color in just 60 seconds. The protective layer also seal colored varnish and helps prevent chipping. The gel texture provides a perfectly smooth finish.


Date international launch – end March 2015 at the Douglas, Müller and online

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