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Best Ways to Wear Belts for Women

A belt is a fashionable accessory that converts even the most annoying clothing creation it out a stand. In common, the belts are always on fashion. No matter what size, form or shade you really can’t go wrong when you are looking for to define your waist. But for the last few periods of time, we have seen the rule belt skinny as belt designers of choice. Belt Skinny are elegant and beautiful, but are not the best dimension for all physical. Now try the style on coats, outfits, with ponchos and shirts. A good tip for where you position your belt is to not use your natural waistline. It is always better to position it on a “1” or 2 inches above your waist against smaller and the smallest of your rib cage. It is your waist like a very thin look and longer legs.

Best Ways to Wear Belts for Women
long loose belts

1. Large blocks and bows:

Just in case where you thought that seat belts must always be worn in the traditional way, JW Anderson takes the Japanese obi to new heights and creates a block on the chest with a huge bow in front, all this in the context of this broad belt.

2. Strap of fabric:

Blouse get coatdresses a bit of a cure of youth when we add a belt of wispy tulle that us tie around the waist, tie a double knot and drop it in place as a mock bow, just like the versions of Burberry.

3. keep very long:

If you are going to tie up the fabric to make a belt, it does not have to be short either. For example, you can try how to Marni and let the pleasant and long ends so that they fall to injure your knees.

4. Thick Obi Style:

We love the way the loop that precede most thick style obi belts appear on the track of Isabel Marant, tightening at the waist under the bust above the hip, giving it a greater overall silhouette. It looks especially good with worn with a wrap blouse.

5. New way of wearing the belt of old:

Normally the end would pass through the loop on the other and thus ensure a belt in place. Apparently, it’s just as chic simply attached normally and let the two end fall down, loop and everything. Bottega Veneta and Missoni maybe to something here.

6. Attach a weaving:

It is not quite normal tissue that you can link up to make a belt out of it, but also the way of Sportmax of leather weave with fringed ends, adding a whole bunch of dimension appearance.

7. Wear it thin:

While many of the belts was big and bold and pasting it out as important props on the holding, there were designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, who has also opted for the thinner versions which seem to be barely there among the engravings and colors of the dresses they adorn. The way the dress itself is made looks fine belt is placed on an obi that corresponds to what is beneath perfectly.

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