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Best Way to Wear Neon Jewelry

Neon jewellery is a huge vibrant trend this summer you need to know the best ways to wear it. Finally, there is just so much fun to wear! To make a splashy statement, an outfit dress up on or just add a pop color to your work wardrobe. Regardless of your style or taste in any case you find something that works for you.

Best Way to Wear Neon Jewelry
trend of neon jewellry 2015

1. Color Block

This is off a FAT to wear neon jewellery! Few fat blue earrings with a bright yellow necklace or lime green hot pink Bangle watches. Will not mix creative, but more than, at a time and leave at least a color neutral 3 colors, to balance things.

2. Their Textures Mix

Pair a Pearl Necklace with spring earrings or plastic neon bangles with some studded bracelets and metal cuffs. You can also gold and silver jewelry with your jewelry neon mix neon statement rings would also with silver bracelets look stunning!

3. Keep your Clothing Simple

Do you want not your jewelry in the competition with their floral dress, right? So, just keep to and try wearing solids rather than pattern. This rule does not always apply. You can do simple or small patterns such as stripes.

4. Keep it minimal

If only neon jewellery to wear, not upside-down jump! You should change first. Choose some thin neon bracelets or a few neon Gallery. You would perhaps also a pendant to wear some neon charm necklace. Take it slow and go to minimal!

5. Wear Neon Jewelry to Work

Neon jewellery can be worn with neutral and paired with tan, white, grey and Navy. Neon jewellery can look really fantastic! Make sure that you keep it as reasonable as possible. Wearing mix a neon tire instead of your silver or a neon bracelet with your arm candy. Remember less is always more, especially at work.

6. Wear Black

Looking for possibilities, neon jewellery in the evening without looking casual to wear? Wear it with your LBD for maximum effect! You can also wear skinny jeans or black leggings and a nice top. Neon jewellery bangs and looks fantastic in addition to black. In addition, it helps more summery look your black outfit.

7. Don’t forget your lips and nails

Fit your nails and lips to your jewelry! Or maybe compare it with your jewelry! A perfect place for more creativity are getting nails and lips in the summer and you will surely have noticed for this a. Make sure that you keep the rest of your makeup and outfit very simple!

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