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Best Two Scents in Elie Saab’s La Collection des Essences

Elie Saab has expressed his love for women in an exciting new dimension, based on its unique savoir faire, Haute to celebrate Couture perfumes. The Couturier of the sublime beauty invited the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to accompany him on this charming adventure.

The dialogue between these two artisans from the extraordinary has born La collection of essences, creations as costly and unique as a Haute Couture dress. With the same uncompromising approach, for which, he is magnificent and rare substances, selected Elie Saab meticulously the most remarkable ingredients.

La collection of essences is crafted with the same commitment, demanding quality and exclusivity, which go in a Haute Couture creation.

Best Two Scents in Elie Saab’s La Collection des Essences
Two new scents in Elie Saab’s La Collection des Essences


Elie Saab received Francis Kurkdjians ability to compose perfumes like Haute Couture dresses.

You share a mastery of sophisticated know-how, expertise… and a unique sense of beauty. Extravagant vision is guided by the Couturier, the rise of rare ingredients the perfumer, transformed in dazzling essences.

His remarkable competence and constant inventiveness Elie Saab enlarge emblematic style. La collection of essences expresses a highest elegance, blending a concise refinement, the color, depth and subtlety, volume, light and transparency. Four brave and exclusive statements with precise, dense and dazzling formulas. La collection of essences can be worn by men and women.


Voluptuous and enveloping as layers of precious substances, essence N ° 1 weaves rose the most magnificent essences and ‘absolute’ Centifolia and Damascena Rosen.

An outbreak of fresh flowers reveals the dazzling brightness of the essences of the Turkish and Bulgarian roses, when their complicated Elixir radiate the “absolute” rose from Grasse and Turkey. Vanilla and cedar wood dress of the rose with a thousand faces on the track…


Essence N ° 2 gardenia is a true olfactory trompe-l’œil, a thriving sculpture crafted from the duality between creamy oak and delicate floral notes with exquisite green and white accents. Egyptian Sambac Jasmine brings a radiant floral infusion to a creamy heart of IRIS butter absolute. The sophisticated and elegant trail in a caress of the rare and precious Indian sandalwood are revealed.


A brilliant reinterpretation of a mythical Haute Parfumerie accord: amber.

Essence N ° 3 Ambre, pays tribute to the essence of the Couturier dazzling work.

The brightness of a fragrance bursts forth from the darkness, a spectacular embroidery black glitter and copper-colored crystals. Essence N ° 3 amber lights up the darkest elements in the perfumer’s palette: myrrh is brighter, patchouli is radiant, and sandalwood masks.


Essence N ° 4 Oud is a virtuoso variation a black cartridge where powerful volumes and subtle textures in an architectured silhouette merge.

Curves Benjoin soft fascinating and spicy notes of black pepper and the unctuous triumph in this Ode to the mystery and deep sensual agar wood.

La collection of essences of ELIE SAAB marries the savoir faire that Haute Couture with the exceptional and rare ingredients of Haute Parfumerie, by exclusive craftsmanship.

Unprecedented, careful skills accompany each step in the creation of la collection. Procurement of ingredients and ultra precise distillation, hand-picked flowers and strict selection of flowers and essences… The skill of the craftsmen, unique materials and the skilled work of the ingredients embody the soul of a fragrant world signed Elie Saab.

The excellence and sublime Alchemy of Haute Couture and Haute Parfumerie have an exclusive collection of four exceptional essences brought to the world.

Elie Saab la Collection of essences are exclusively available at Harrods by August 1, 2014.

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