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Best Tips to Straighten your Hair

Who wants to look not less complex subject for all fashionable as a home perm. The hair will straighten dry and brittle by frequent and make it smooth and straight is much more difficult. Do not try to straighten your hair wet, it causes that they harm, use appliances with ceramic tiles and, if possible, lay strands with a larger area of the plates. Here are ten tips set.

Best Tips to Straighten your Hair
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  • Less heat – is not always better: there is a strong opinion, the less heat iron, the better for the hair. To a certain extent, this is true. But less heat is not immediately visible results, not just spend anyway on strands, but several, and as a result, total heat exhaustion will be heating more than once more. Set is an optimal temperature, burning hot iron does not make, but the hair be corrected are still from the first or even the second time.
  • Enough, use a round brush: comb so it is good form to give volume, easy to tuck the ends of the hair and to strike at the roots. If you straight hair need use a flat brush hair not the ends but remain hanging straight, not curled.
  • Use a rectifier with a uniform heating: let your hair rest. The largest size of a bottle of lemonade, roller ironing more helps here – curled hair in this area still does not work, they stay straight. This operation takes much longer than the usual straighten, but healthier hair. Do it at least twice a month.
  • Remember cold dryer mode: warm air will help, put the hair and cool hairstyle fixes. Fast hair treat soft directional cold flow immediately stop.
  • Set begins in the shower or in the bath, but of course sees your inner eye shape is also important. Be careful when choosing a shampoo and conditioner – pay attention to the label, using proven tools. Label is not always “perfectly smooth” on the packaging corresponds to reality: to check reviews of the product and read the composition. A good hairstyle is no less important than a good makeover.
  • Straighten – means not that no volume: hair smooth, sooner or later you will notice that the volume will be reduced. This can pull by changing the way of the strands – increase on the roots Utjuzhkom be corrected. High surface temperatures by itself not correct after, hair form, attach.
  • Protection against high temperatures: do not neglect the protective spray,. The smoothing constant thermal effect must reduce as much as possible.
  • Apply serum before: serum and each hair mask can just wonderful, but not immediately before smoothing. Think about how you cook the meat – Obzharivaya in oil, right? Brush the hair before straightening means that you can still grill them. Later, use serum.
  • ¬†Better for “Bundle”: If you you hair, but want it in the Haare-“beam” not usually track you straight hair need curly locks are even beautiful, but is from the beam stand out. Smooth before lying.
  • keratin saturation – not a panacea: it is a common misconception, but no curative treatment is the hair keratin. You purchase a softer texture, not “hard” and healthier, but not quite straight.
    Best Tips to Straighten your Hair
    best way to have straight hair

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