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Best Summer Perfumes for Men

A detail to which experts in fashion we recommend to attach sufficient importance to this season is the fragrance. Summer is not recommended wearing any type of fragrance. Also, another important aspect of many men don’t take into account is the one that does not carry the same type of fragrance at any event in which we take part.

Before we present our suggestions in respect of perfumes this summer, we encourage you to be aware of the following considerations when you plan to buy a new fragrance:

-If you are a believer in a strong oriental perfume, very aromatic and rampant, keep in mind that it is not available in the warm season because because of the hot air in combination with the scent of perfume, you risk to come to you, bad first, then others around you, which will cause them to make a wrong label. Instead, these kind of perfumes are recommended in winter. In summer, use more light fragrances, cooler, fresh, fruitiness. And if you are using a fresh scent in the winter, you risk not to feel, because the air far too harsh and cold.

-don’t you get after those around you who claim to be experts in choosing perfume. Maybe you like how smells the fragrance recommended by your friend, but you may not have the same flavor and on your skin. Try a sample first, then venturing to buy one of its kind.

-If you want to be noticed by others, it is recommended that after a period to change your perfume. Otherwise, others will get used to the smell you emani and will no longer be impressed.

-If you want to test a fragrance is recommended to do it in the morning, when the pores are more open and hence, more developed olfactory sense. If you go into a store with perfumes, spray it on the one who made your first time with an eye on hands wrist (where the pulse is taken), then wait a few minutes and smell it to see for yourself that it is the right one.

-take into account the fact that evening, at a dinner party, for example, is wearing the perfume, much stronger than during the day, at work. dorange eau verte

For perfume lovers with fresh citrus aroma: Geo F Trumper West Indian Limes, Clinique Happy For Men, Cool Buchu, Molton Brown Ferrari Bright Neroli, Miller Harris Citron Citron, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Lacoste, l. 12. 12. Deepak, Monsieur Balmain, The Body Shop Satsuma Citrus Bigarrade Creed, the Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte, and Library Of Fragrance Tangerine.

For those looking for marine flavors, which take you to the vacation: Acqua Di Gio and l’eau d’issey Pour Homme, Davidoff Cool Water, Bvlgari Aqva, Z Zegna, Erolfa by Creed, Kenzo Pour Homme, Baldessarini Nautical Spirit Marine, James Bond 007 Ocean Royale and Library of Fragrance’s Salt Air.

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