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Best Street Style from Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2015

Chanel Ballet flats are always University events in Paris. Fit then that we this week have been spying on the sidewalks many couples walking during the Couture shows.

Best Street Style from Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2015
Absolute Street Style Looks From Paris Couture Week 2015-10

What’s more can surprise, however, was the eclectic mix of styles, which attracted by the fashion pack, and industry insiders alike, as they made their way through the cobbled streets of card to card. There were flats, Stilettos, platforms and wedges, clogs, sneakers, everything seen carrousel, you Louvre around.

While fellow French brands were well represented (enter Roger Viviers Inès De La Fressange), Italian fashion houses still dominated when it came to shoes. Prada Miu Miu pumps sandals and Marni Flatforms was the only thing they all had in common the geographical location where they were established. Speaking of Italians, numerous sightings of Valentino Rockstud, emerged in all it’s glory – no surprises there. This is a style that you are almost guaranteed to see on the fashion week circuit.

Non-service-style still finds its place under the map-goers, usually in the form of Espadrilles, slip-on sneakers and the ever present Converse Chuck Taylor, who was spied at one point aptly paired with a multi textured look.

It was a rag-tag team of colors and patterns outside of the Haute-Couture shows in Paris this week, and we are talking here not only about the anti-Pelzen demonstrators. Many fashion weeks already taken place this year of ready-to-wear ladies for gentlemen – couture is undeniably the most sophisticated and dressed as such of the fashion insiders to the nines. Whether it be textures or flowers or geometric prints, Showgoers because afraid statement make looks Don – supplements, of course by eye-catching bags, poof, and sunglasses. Finally, it is Paris.

The following days were as ridiculous and sweet as well as sexy, beautiful, with clothes, appear worn all heights, skirts and slacks or trousers as well. We saw knee pants, Ballet flats and high heels. While the first day it had almost timid effect, things got nice and bold in the second, third and fourth, with pastel colors and floral prints in this heat only on accessories peered through the coat. It would otherwise melt the carrier such as an ice-cream sundae making! Bold colors were great, especially on the Maxi dress that saw activity all around him with a darker background, print casual wear as was the trend. Here and there a bold twist noticed with fascinating heels even the shoes taken.

As the day continued, the shoulders were barer, while the monochrome colors black and white more often, especially the third appeared in the day. Enough topic to play here, and we were a common contrasting color combinations is still noticed a few blue overalls. We are still wondering how the people in these can go flat platforms and noticed a whole lot more in the Department laced up boots and sandals. Some were actually, how on Earth the girl even wear boots in this heat? Speaking of the last day saw heat, also much Sable, mink, which essentially gave us a mock heart attack just to think. Good thing chose the most furry key chains and handbags instead. Pastel chalk on shorts with a high neck and long sleeve combinations certainly caught our attention, especially when paired with matching Pastel pink ankle feel strapped shoes while we noticed that last a relaxing days around. Fit slouchy pin stripe with black flat sandals? This is a little more difficult fully to digest.

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