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Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015

For every woman Indian bridal and gold jewellery attract much. Though you live in any part of the world, you observed that almost every bride on her wedding day wants to put on the beautiful gold jewellery. However, there are also a few, who by wearing something different with the wish to be different and break the gold monopoly on their big day. And, my dear ladies if you are also one of those, then I assure you that this post will guide you to select a perfect non-gold jewellery set for your important wedding day. So, for yourself to find out the best jewellery type, read on!

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
Famous Bridal Jewellery Trends for brides

1. Coloured Gemstones Jewellry

Though the green (emerald), red (ruby), or blue (sapphire) are known as the coloured gemstones but there are also a lot of other shades like red,yellow,brown and other colors are also includes. So, for you the world of hued gemstones has been open inorder to select your bridal jewellery set. you can simply match your jewllery set with the coloured gemstones whatever be the shade of the bridal dress you are putting on for your wedding day. So my dear ladies you have a choice to select jewelry set of coloured diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
colored gemstones jewellry set

2.Pearls Jewellry Set

For many centuries pearl has been the choice of the queens and kings and it is identified with royal appeal. So, if you are one of those who on your wedding day desire to look like an empress without wearing gold, then pearls are the best choice for you. As on your big day its subtle and regal appeal can give you appearance like a diva. a bold pearl choker or a pearl satlada (seven-stringed) necklace can be opt for you. You have also choice to pair it up with beautiful big pair of pearl earrings. And, one thing which I want to remind you is that, with their white or off-white hue does not feel restricted, because there are also coloured pearls. With their vast range in which black, golden, peach, yellow, lavender, and many other colours have been included will make you able to flatter.

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
pearls jewelry set for bridals for wedding

3. Platinum

Platinum can be an ideal alternate for gold as it is famous for its refined white hue. It is said that this metal is 30 times rarer than gold. This rare quality make it more expensive than gold. The main attractivequality of platinum is that it does not get oxidised or tarnished. The jewellery made by platinium consist of 95 per cent pure platinum and 5 per cent other metals which gives shine to the jewelry set. A sharper look of design and carvings of jewelry thus can be obtained by using platinum. So for your wedding day platinum set studded with precious stones like diamonds is best for you. The combination of diamonds and platinum is really very fabulous as both these metals complement each other very well. You can also get glossy and sophisticated platinum bands for your man.

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
platinium jewelry set

4. Crystals Jewellry

If you are one of those girls who love to look like shiny piece, then I assure you that beautiful crystals are the best choice. There are also a myriad colour options in which crystal jewelry is also available apart from the bright white. So, if with your bridal outfit, you desire to wear contrasting jewellery, a chunky crystal neckpiece with matching bracelets, earrings, and rings can give you a beautiful and chic look.

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
crystals jewelry set

5. Sterling Silver Jewellry

Silver is also known as a symbol of classiness. The raising demand of gold has made it a pricey metal so it also has become difficult to possess it. On its contrary among the precious metals silver has turned into the most inexpensive. By opting for silver jewellery you can break the chestnut of the close union of Indian wedding jewelry and gold. In this regard a new and fresh variant is sterling silver. In this type of jewelry set pure silver has been mixed with copper or other metal so that its durability and strength can be increased. We find that good quality sterling silver jewellery consist of 92.5 per cent of silver. There are various hues ranges from greyish white, bright white, or the ones with a shiny or a matte finish which you can choose for your wedding day jewelry set. Sterling silver jewelry set with detailed carving work is absolutely good for you. But if you desire to have dazzling look, then pick the sterling silver set which have been embellished with zircon or American diamonds, ruby or emerald stones, and semi-precious beads. If you seek a vintage look we give you another alluring option of sterling silver trinkets donning intricate filigree work. But one thing about these sterling silver sets is its care. Make sure that you store them in a cool and dry place as they tend to tarnish after a while,.

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
sterling silver jewelry set

6. Titanium

All of us know that titanium is commonly used in industrial applications, but these days this metal is going to be used for wedding jewellery sets. We also realized that this type of jewelry is liked by new-age brides. If you do not want to wear bumpy and weighty ornaments then you can pick this extremely lightweight metal. Especially, it can meet your needs if you are in search of a perfect match for any of your dress which you decideto wear on your pre-wedding functions. Titanium jewellery is mostly available in silver, black, or grey appearance. It is the strongest metal as it does not consist of any alloys .

Best Jewellry Trend for Bridals 2015
titanium jewelry set

Without investing in gold on your wedding you can attain your dream look with a bit of creativity and little research. However, not all of them may be available very far in wedding jewellery, we recommend you to the task before your big day to get. So make your choice and get going to girls!

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