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Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015

“Red carpet” events of the year is one of the biggest the met Gala, and not just a walk in the Park is always ready for the occasion.Even with the best dress of the world, the whole look down can be approved without equally inspiring hair and make-up choices. 2015 met Gala presents some real shockers in the fashion stakes with more participants a headline grabbing ensemble style select. The beauty looks were however largely low key. With a few exceptions; Cara Delevingne is no wall flower, so it is no surprise that the model at the event in a Stella McCartney jumpsuit dressed and arrived covered with tattoos.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Met Gala 2015 Best Beauty Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence & More

Last night Gala-affected 2015 on the occasion of the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York bought Oriental motifs on the red carpet with the theme “China: through the Looking Glass”, which correspondingly sees fat beauty provided is complete to the stunning outfits. Many daring patterns, stunning full ball gowns, skin flashing sheer dresses and elegant pants suits made top models, singers, actors and reality-TV-stars look positively ravishing and divine, increased during the combed back hair styles and dramatic watching makeup options only the glitz and glamour on the red carpet. We saw opt for whole-body art Cara Delevingne in the Eastern motifs, while Chiara Ferragni the first fashion blogger ever was participated in this prestigious event. We saw many of Versace, Prada, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney designs, and we were also great and inspiring beauty looks that we can not stop staring. We have below; up to the most striking met Gala-2015 rounded, the beauty from glitzy celebrity hairstyles searches discovered the best makeup options.

1 .Kendal Jenner

Kendall Jenner slays it always about the “red carpet” position with her fashion and beauty choices, both the perfect. For met Gala-2015 she decided still lashes you to conclude a minimalist, totally sexy and cool dress with Center-parted hair, smooth and straight, as well as their icon minimal long Calvin Klein make-up with flirty Super, healthy skin and a nude false. This is accentuating a look you never with that can go wrong, as it is timeless, versatile and perfect for your beautiful facial features.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Kendall Jenner

2. Georgia May Jagger

Like Diane Kruger, Sweet Georgia May Jagger style also in side swept her blond hair, curl all finishing off with floral decorations flower a large green and blue head piec particular. She is also a model with perfect features, be stressed very little makeup. Focus on your flawless complexion, she used only little neutral and sepia tones on eyes and lips looked so harmoniously with her embroidered Gucci dress.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Georgia May Jagger

3. Diane Kruger

A celebrity many decided to make ornaments for their effortlessly chic hairstyles to the next level including Diane Kruger, fresh white flowers used to their page-parted wavy blonde hair accessorize for beautiful flowers. This small detail was so much femininity and charm to her overall appearance, complemented with a bright makeup look consisting of classic winged eyeliner and fat Orange-y red lips.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Diane Kruger

4. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid stayed true to her signature style and hissed with her Center-parted long wavy hair, ruffled be so effortlessly and bohemian chic. Her makeup was pretty views in addition to these soft and classic colour combinations, her beautiful eyes and the subtle pink lipstick perfectly to make the black eyeliner. A hint of peach, the cheek bone, and you can wear this look day in, day out.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Gigi Hadid

5. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima knows that full fringe inspired 70s is in the for the year, so she decided, to dazzle, with their black long wavy hair with a full fringe which immediately her Spotlight landed. Her makeup choices were equally daring and dramatic from vampy Burgundy lips with subtle ombre effects and sexy smokey eyes with super long lashes. She is the goddess of the party definitely with her legendary beauty it offers.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Adriana Lima

6. Lily Aldridge

Super model Lily Aldridge managed the classic skillfully with the daring to combine and cool therefore met come up with one of the best beauty considered Gala by 2015. She designs her hair in parted page elegant and classic Chignon, while lipstick in the focus of interest, complemented the intense Berry with perfectly shaped eyebrows, was bare eyes makeup with long eyelashes and shiny complexion. Only car wear these fat Berry lip tint and you are the Queen of the party.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Lily Aldridge

7. Jessica Chastain

This legendary Auburn hair color you are sure always in the spotlight no matter how you decide to format it. This time around, Jessica Chastain gave preference to retro motifs inspired by old Hollywood wear their hair curl in page-parted, that dress looked perfect in combination with their gold. We saw the same classic retro style makeup and, like bright glossy red lipstick properly with a radiant complexion with perfectly flushed cheeks, and gold eye shadow combined combined with long eyelashes.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Jessica Chastain

8. Rihanna

Once again it was Rihanna, headlines with their “red carpet”-style selection, this time is a super large yellow Cape spiced with ornate hair and subtle make-up of Oriental motifs make. Her flicked red Bob was accessorized with a large golden headpiece that detail for her dramatic dress was a stunning finish. As far as makeup goes, she placed the focus on the straight, flat eyebrows on the background, brought out the toned-down makeup.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015

9. Kim Kardashian

If you’re so beautiful facial features, like Kim Kardashian, is wear your hair up in a smoothed back smooth ponytail beauty ideal for a “red carpet”-event. She turned to their signature Kardashian contouring techniques, all finishing off with extra long of flirty lashes and a nude lipstick. Never enough, we can have this beauty trend and as far as Kim K it with dazzling appearances at various events in Glam, we are always a good source of inspiration for you nailed this look.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Kim Kardashian

10. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles also expressed their preference for a ponytail, but she it even greater styling it on the Crown and adding subtle wavy held to the tail ends. This was beautifully combined with advanced winged liner, her healthy complexion of bronze-y and the Barbie pink lipstick. During her super transparent dress in the center of attention stand, her beauty look just as stunning as a best met the ball was spotted by 2015.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Beyonce Knowles

11. Claire Danes

Sometimes trying not to hard to see on the red carpet and the smashing is what Claire sticks with her side swept beachy waves proves that require as little styling. The wine berry looking lips at the center of her performance so stunning in combination with the pink eye shadow and radiant complexion.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Claire Danes

12. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung was among these celebrities met Gala 2015 right, wearing a strapless Erdem dress with a purple tint and decorated with floral patterns for the oriental atmosphere. Her beauty look was equally stunning with a high bun with casual flyaways for a slightly disheveled appearance as well as her signature cat eye eyeliner movements combined with timeless Brown Eyeshadows and a soft pink lipstick.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Alexa Chung

13. Jaime King

In addition to stylish Ponytails, beachy waves and retro locks we saw just smooth and straight hairstyles met Gala by 2015, including Jaime Kings page-parted long blond hair to a winning look, that you want to copy. It emphasizes their natural beauty with the fine peach blush, cheek bones, long eyelashes, and a vivid orange-y red lipstick that was perfectly in line with her outfit added.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Jaime King

14. Karlie Kloss

Designed also her blonde hair into lots attract Karlie Kloss for a simple and elegant look. She kept their bright and radiant complexion; place the focus on the pretty with emerald green eyes makeup eyeliner, which was in a beautiful harmony with their beautiful earrings. A nude lipstick and peach blush she effortlessly chic look, make it one of the stars of the night complete.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Karlie Kloss

15. Reese Witherspoon

Center parting and smooth surfaces always lead to minimalist, but absolutely glamorous looks ready for several nights party and Reese Witherspoon, which well knows, for this timeless combination met 2015 occurs Gala opt. You used the girly pink color on her lips, which skillfully was combined with the makeup and the long eyelashes metallic bronze eyes. Add a radiant complexion to the mix and’re the Diva of night.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Reese Witherspoon

16. Jourdan Dunn

Although “-red carpet met Gala 2015” actually lacked braided hairstyles, certainly there was booth celebrities, woven into the crowd with their complex ‘ DOS. Jourdan Dunn combined Cornrows with braids in this way pull her hair back from the face and laying the stress on their beautiful makeup. They used metallic purple eyeliner on her lower lids, while the upper cover with gold were accentuated eye shadow and cat-eye-black movements. A nude lipstick was the right finishing accent to her look.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Jourdan Dunn

17. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence took the casual high Chignon “Red carpet”, which so chic and divine, if designed with mousse for additional structure. Also, they greeted the season trend Berry lips their preference of which pink hue, was beautifully complements the metallic smoky eyes, and bronzed skin and strong eyebrows.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Jennifer Lawrence

18.Rosie Huntington

Man, boy are we oh fat overlooking the dramatic falls in love with Rosies, which involves enhancing her natural beauty and put the accent on her beautiful facial features. She designs her hair in a sleek page-parted updo with wet effect, which combined was supplemented with bushy eyebrows, flawless skin and a shiny red lipstick with fine purple eyeshadow and long and full eyelashes.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Rosie Huntington Whiteley

19. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looked flirty and glamorous Gala-2015 meets with her casual high Chignon that was accessorized with a Glam-bejeweled headpiece. You omitted some face framing flyaways for a relaxed style, while her makeup was the classic look with a red tint added, around the lips, blush black eyeliner and a peach adding color to her flawless complexion.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Kate Hudson

20. Sienna Miller

Although Sienna Miller channel oriental glamour on the red carpet with her outfit more reminiscent of the Spanish style had, her beauty choices were pretty and inspiring for many. You styled combed back low updo with subtle wet effects the Crown added, while that was about the Brown smokey eyes with lashes full and flirty.

Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks From Met Gala 2015
Sienna Miller

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